My Take On A Fairy Garden

Little by Little this cute fairy garden in our backyard came to be. 
I hadn't planned on creating a fairy garden, it just sort of happened. But I'm so glad that it happened because this little fairy garden makes me Happy. 

This area in our backyard was just gravel and dirt, so none of this was even here before.

The first thing I did was move this large tree stump to this area of our backyard. This tree stump was from an old tree in our front yard that we had trimmed up a few years ago. 

Believe it or not, this stump was actually from the branch of the tree. I had this stump in a different area of our yard before, but I thought it would look nice in this new location, so I simply just rolled it across the yard. The stump is not as heavy as it looks because it's actually hollow on the inside.

I filled the stump up with potting soil and then planted some mums in it. I should expect a plant full of happy yellow mums in the fall, which I think will look even cuter.

Next, I added the picket fence behind the stump. Not only does the fence add a cute backdrop but I'm hoping that it also keeps our big Great Dane, Stormy away from it.

I painted the fence white since it was just wood before. I love white picket fences and had been meaning to paint this one for quite a while.  This piece of picket fence was given to me by a friend.  When our Great Dane, Stormy was just a puppy, we used this fence as a doggie gate to keep her in designated ares of our home. It worked great.

From there, I realized that this little garden was looking more like a fairy garden and so I added the cute little door to the stump as well as a few garden mushrooms.

I also added some rocks as well as some other plants around the stump.

I love how it all came together. I plan to just keep adding more to it. I'm thinking more flowers, more ornamental grasses, and maybe even a strand of lights around the picket fence. 

Do you have a fairy garden?
What other fun things do you think I could add to mine?

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Here are some ideas to get you started on your own fairy gardens.

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