My Decorating Style Ten Years Ago! How Much Has It Changed?

Did you know that I have been blogging here at The Wicker House for Ten Years Now!?
I started this blog back in 2010 when my boys were just little. Blogging gave me a little mommy getaway in my day to share about my decorating ideas and DIY projects.  

And now here we are today ten years later. I still enjoy blogging and sharing with you my decorating ideas and DIY projects. And now my little boys are pre-teen and teen...which means that I still need those little Mommy getaways :)

This blog has always been my little corner of the world to share what is so important to me and that is creating a cozy home for my family.

Somehow I just got caught up looking through old blog post from over the years, and truthfully, not all of it is all that bad. LOL. 
If anything, I think my decorating style hasn't changed all that much over the years, but proudly, I can say that at least my photography has gotten a little better. Not sure why I liked to turn the temperature volume Way Up or why I rounded the corners on my pictures or chose weird crops or image borders, but everyone has to start from somewhere, right?

Ten years ago we lived in a different house. I always wonder what that house would look like today if we still lived there.

I'm sure I would have all of the walls painted white by now, but that's a given.

I may have done something entirely different to the fireplace too.

This house was a lot smaller than the one we live in today, and so it would never work for us now. But It sure was a fun house to fix up and learn and grow from. This house is where I first discovered my true love for decorating. It's where I learned what my decorating style is, and what just feels right for our family. 

I still decorate with a lot of the same things. My Grandma's straw hats have come a long way in my decorating vignettes. I could put together a whole blog post with all of the different ways that I have styled them, and perhaps one day I will.

The Kitchen in our old home was the first real big makeover that I had even taken on.

Here is what it looked like before:

I painted the cabinets white, removed one of the doors to create open shelving, and I also painted the countertops as well.

The look of the kitchen was a little bit more Farmhouse than how I decorate today, but I still like all of the white that is in here. Honestly, I don't think I will ever get tired of white.

Looking back at these old pictures, I'm actually pretty impressed at how creative I use to be. Like take this next picture for example, I used an old rake head to hold wine glasses, and then I used a wicker wine rack to hold dishtowels. The dishtowels are rolled up and are in easy reach for when you need one. How Clever was that?

You'll notice a lot of the same furniture that is in our home today. Like that antique bakers rack shelf that's now in our dining room. And those two tall white bookshelves are now in our office/sunroom, although we no longer have that kitchen table since we did a table swap with my mother-in-law.

Truthfully, I really don't feel like my style has changed all that much. I mean sure, I see some things that I'd definitely let go of (and did) but a lot of it I still decorate with today.

If I were re-decorating this dining room today, I'd probably paint the walls white, paint the table white, paint the chairs black, and fill up those shelves with plants, Oh and put in a new floor.... although I really wanted a new floor back then too. But otherwise I still like it.

Another room that I had changed up a lot was the main bathroom of our house. I put in laminate floor stickers, painted the walls and vanity white, and added barn wood to the mirror. You can't tell much by my photo but I also painted the ceiling in a soft blue, which I still think is a fun touch.

And as you will notice, I had a blue and white striped shower curtain back then and today we have a different blue and white striped shower curtain. 
I still love a classic, navy and white stripe print.

Another creative touch that I noticed was the way I hung this art on the wall. A framed picture, hanging inside of a large frame, and then a seashell is attached to the wire with a clothes pin.
Clever, Right?

So there you have it, In conclusion,  my style 10 years ago isn't all that different than my style today.

- I still like Coastal, Cottage, and Farmhouse styles. 
-I still love white paint, and navy and white stripes.
- I still own about half of the stuff today that I owned back then. 
- I now own double the amount of decor as I did back then, but yet, we live in a much larger home so that makes sense. 
- I decorate with a lot of house plants today and didn't before. House plants can really add so much to a home, but I hadn't yet realized that back then.
 - I lived with tan walls back then even though I didn't like them, whereas today, I'd have those walls painted in an afternoon.
- Good photography is just as important as good styling, or perhaps even more important. 
-And lastly, I think I was much more of a creative decorator back then.

I wonder if my style with change that much in the next 10 years?

Thanks for stopping by today and taking this fun trip into the past with me.

Happy Decorating! 


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