Creating an Outdoor Zen Space

I think everyone needs an outdoor zen space. A calm space to relax and unwind, and be outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and nature.

I created my Zen Space on the bottom level of our backyard play fort.

My sons are outgrowing this play fort and so my husband and I have talked about removing the top half of the fort and pitch the roof to create a more usable cabana. The ceiling is too low for my husband as it is now, but I'm short so I have no problem walking around in this space. So for now,  I'm making this space my own by creating a peaceful spot to relax.

I'm calling this space my, Zen Cabana. It's a relaxing spot that overlooks our backyard and pool.

I moved the futon from our back patio to here. I made over the futon last summer and blogged about it HERE. I really liked the futon on our back patio, but the patio is not covered and so I was constantly having to run outside and put a tarp over the futon if ever it looked like it was going to rain.
This spot here on the play fort is covered, so it's protected from the rain, as well as the sun. This space is always nice and shaded.

Here are a few ways that I gave this "cabana" a zen look. Please feel free to take these ideas and use them in your own outdoor zen spaces.

I wanted my cabana to have a little bit more privacy from the neighbors, so I searched around our home for something to use and that's when I came across two beach mats and decided these would be perfect. I believe I bought these beach mats at the dollar store years ago. I just nailed the beach mats into the back of  the play fort. I love the natural look of them.

Next, I searched around our home for some plants and simple decor that would give this space a calm, peaceful vibe. I ended up with just a couple of plants, including this lucky bamboo, and a few little things like the little Buddha statue and a glass lantern. And that's it. To achieve a zen look, less is always best. 

And lastly, I added chimes to my outdoor Zen Cabana.  Any Chimes would have been just fine, but I have found that I really love the raw earthy sound that bamboo chimes make. 

I have a few rules for myself to keep this space my calm and quiet oasis.

1. No Electronics. It helps that we don't have WiFi in our backyard because otherwise I may be tempted to bring my phone or laptop out here. So this is my place to come and disconnect from the "outside" world.

2. Relax. Yup, it's a rule, It's a must to come out here to Relax and find that inner peace.

3. Drinks and Naps are recommended. I love to come out here with a cup of coffee in the mornings and a glass of wine in the evening. And Naps out here in the afternoon are always wonderful.

So this is where I have been spending a lot of my summer.
I hope that it has inspired you to create a Zen Space in your own backyard or patio's.

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