How to Give Plant Pots a Stone Look

I gave some ugly old pots a new look by painting them in a stone grey color. And today, I want to share how easy it is to do.

I know "Ugly" is a negative word, but really, look for yourself, these old pots were crying out for a makeover.

Being a Plant mom to about 30+ house plants I have come to learn how important a pot can be. I now only plant my plants in a pot that has holes in the bottom. Drainage is very important to plants.  If I really like the look of a flower pot, but it doesn't have a hole, I will use it for decorative purposes only and place a pot with a hole inside of it. 

So with that said, even though I had these "Ugly" pots laying around that I wasn't particularly fond of, these post all have a hole in the bottom and so I wanted to use them to re-pot some plants.

I went to my local hardware store and picked up a can of spray paint. I choose a Rust-Oleum color called, Stone Gray. I choose this color because I wanted to give my pots just that, a Stone Gray look.

First I washed up my pots to remove all of the dirt, and then I laid the pots out on some old cardboard. I always use cardboard whenever I spray paint anything. It's always handy to have large pieces of cardboard on hand for just this type of project.

I gave the pots three coats of the spray paint, letting them dry for about an hour in between coats. For one of the coats,  I turned the pots upside down so that I could get all of those hidden areas.

Once the pots were all painted and had time to dry, I planted a houseplant in each of them. I already had the plants, but they all needed to be transplanted into bigger pots. I am constantly up sizing my pots for my plants. I think that that is very important to do as your plants grow. 

Painting the pots all in the same color gives a calm, neutral, and cohesive look., which is just the look I was going for here in our living area.

This pot was my favorite one of the three.  I just really like the shape of it. Also, please take notice that this spider plant just had its first baby. Congratulations are in order๐Ÿ˜Š

 Because these pots have a hole in the bottom of them, I have to use a plant saucer with it. And I have found that my old white china does the job perfectly ๐Ÿ˜Š

This larger pot, actually has a built-in hidden saucer on the inside of it, which is really neat. 

Now my ugly pots look beautiful.
Don't you agree?

Do you have some pots laying around that could use a pretty new makeover?
If so then I hope that I have inspired you to give them a fresh coat of paint.

Thanks for stopping by today,
Happy Planting!


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