Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Idea

 My Mom has a little saying, that she learned from her mom, and will often say it to me and that is,
"This Too Shall Pass"
I love this saying and refer to it often, especially as of lately.
Because it is true, Whatever you are going through, it will come to an end. Good or Bad. During good times, This too shall pass, will remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment. During the Bad times, when things feel heavy, it is so comforting to know that those bad days too shall pass.

So when I came across this little bracelet that say's "This too shall pass" I knew that I had to get it for my mom for Mother's Day. 

The Bracelet is from a beautiful company called, MantraBand.
MantraBand designs jewelry to inspire and empower with positive messages.

Some of the other messages they offer are;
Enjoy the Journey
She believed she could, so she did
Anything is Possible
Love Yourself
Never Give Up
Let your light shine
Hakuna Matata
Everything happens for a reason

And So Many More.
Or you can even create your own.

Because Mother's day is just around the corner, I wanted to share MantraBand With you because I think that this bracelet is such a meaningful gift idea. 

 Does your mother have a special Mantra too?
What is it?
Or maybe you have your own special words of encouragement, something that helps move you along in your own life's journey.
I know I have quite a few go-to mantras for myself as well.

These bracelets are sure to make your mom, special woman in your life, or even yourself, Smile every time they or you look at it. 

Just an idea if you are looking for one.
Thank you for stopping by today,


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