How I sell my Photography

Did you know that I sell Photography?
I'm guessing not, since I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it before.
But Yes, I do sell some of my Photography and it has became another little hobby of mine.

I sell my photography at CREATIVE MARKET
Have you heard of Creative Market before?
Well, Creative Market is kinda like Etsy, but instead of homemade items, it's full of Ready to use designs.
You can shop photography, stock photos, fonts, graphics, logos, web themes, business cards, brochures, inventions, branding, photography presets and overlays, Instagram buttons, Instagram story layouts, Instagram quotes, and So Much More!

Just by signing up for a free account at Creative Market, you'll receive a weekly e-mail full of freebies. 
 I have become a bit of a font junkie just because of all of the freebies they send to me.

Anyway, check out Creative Market if this is something that interest you.

Also, if you love taking high resolution pictures too, then maybe look into starting your own shop. There are some guidelines you have to follow, so be sure to read through it all before posting any photos. But I really enjoy having a place to share my photography. I don't make a whole lot of money doing it, but I do make a little and it always makes me smile when I make a sale.

I enjoy taking picture of home decor, travels, and lots and lots of flowers and so that is what can mostly be found in my photography shop. But there are lots of other categories to choose from as well.

These photos that I'm sharing in this blog post are some of my favorites images that I have captured.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass this along today to anyone who might find it helpful.
Again, Be sure to check out Creative Market to see more.

Thanks for stopping by today.


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