Quarantine House Tour - Spring 2020

Hey World!
How is everyone doing out there?
I pray that you and your families are all safe and well.
This is such a strange time for sure, but I'm doing my part by staying at home and making the best of it. I am a Homebody anyway and so it has not been too hard for me to stay at home. 
I just continue to play around our home, mixing things up, and creating happy little vignettes.
But if you, like many others, are having a hard time sitting at home then I hope that I can inspire you in some way today to have some fun with your own home's decor....... or at least, I hope to give you a nice little distraction as I show you around our home.

Let's Begin.

Here in our entryway I've hung up a beach bag, a straw hat, and mixed in a faux lemon tree. I think it looks cheerful and makes me think of sunny carefree days to come.

The straw hat was one of my grandmas and so it always makes me smile anyway.
And then I received a gift card to HomeGoods for my Birthday and as soon as I walked into the store I saw this bamboo plant stand and knew exactly what I was going to spend my gift card on :)

I love it!! 
Also for my Birthday, which was back in March, my Mother-in-law gave me this Farmers Market bag, also from HomeGoods. I've hung it up in our dining room.

The new bag inspired me to re-decorate this area of our home. I gave it a farmhouse look using a neutral color palette.

The newest change in our dining room is that I brought in a wicker chair. We had a little chair accident and so I had to find a replacement.  You see that captains chair on the right? well there was a matching one on the left side. But one day my son was pushing me around the house,  I was in the chair and we were playing....because quarantine boredom, right? Well the chair fell over with me in it. The chair broke, and I got pretty scratched up. But I think it was a happy accident because we love having this wicker chair in here. It's now the best spot at the table. And I'm actually sitting in it at this very moment, typing away on my new mac book.....Which I just so happened to have bought just the day before they closed all of the Apple Stores.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you have probably already seen my hallway makeover. I shared all about it on Hometalk, and I plan to share more about it here on the blog soon.
But I painted our hallway with bright colors, stenciled on some pineapples and then rehung our family vacation pictures. 

We had to cancel our Spring Break trip this year and so it's been so nice to be able to come hang out in this happy hallway and look at all of the pictures of past family vacation memories.

Okay, Moving on. ....So Again because of quarantine boredom, I then found myself re-decorating this wall in our dinning room that I just shared with you.

I decided that I just wasn't feeling the farmhouse look that I had created and wanted to bring in more color.  So I switched some things around, brought in a green Hawaiian print pillow and hung up another one of my grandma's hats. ....
Who knows I may end up redecorating this wall a few more times before this whole quarantine thing ends. 

Now moving on to the living room, I continued with that "beach-Hawaii" look and brought in another Hawaiian print pillow and some seashells. 

If I can't go on a vacation, I can at least try to make my house look like somewhere I'd want to go. ...
At least that was my thoughts while decorating.

I bought the macramé  mirror at a yard sale years ago and  just thought I'd try hanging it up here in our living room for a little while.  

Off of our living room is our sunroom. 

Did you catch my last post where I shared all about the changes I made to this room?
Our sunroom has always been a really relaxing room to be in.  
This sunroom also doubles as our home office.

And lastly, I thought I'd share our bedroom one more time because it too makes me smile.

The curtains just add a happy touch to the room.  
The room also has that "Beach-Hawaii" look that has kinda been my go-to theme at the moment. 
You can see more of my bedroom HERE.

Well I think that's enough for today....
Depending on how long this Quarantine time last, I may be back to share more....and more.....and more....changes.....because I really don't know what else to be doing.

Peace be with you,


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