Popular color from the past - Old Fashioned

A gal on Instagram recently messaged me asking about the blue paint color that was on our walls several years back. She did some research on the blog and had found where I had shared the color name, which is, Old Fashioned by True Value. 

True Value is a smaller hardware store and may not be located near you.  When the gal did locate a True Value they were unable to find the color for her. Again this was several years ago that I had painted this color and apparently they just discontinued it.

And so I did some digging around in my basement where I store my paint and I was able to take a picture of the lid. 
I actually had this color mixed at LOWES with a Valspar Paint. So in all actuality, Showing this picture to the paint mixer at LOWES should give you the exact color as mine. Sometimes when you use different brands of paint you may get different results...at least that is what I have found.

So because this color has been one of the most popular colors that I have used in our home, I thought that it may be helpful to share this can lid with you. 
I hope it helps!

Now for fun, let's have a little look back at how this color looked around our home.

It's such a pretty, soft blue. It really adds a beachy, cottage vibe and this color pairs nicely with other colors, wood tones, and black and white.

You know, It kinda makes me want to paint our walls again. Ha!

Please let me know if you do take this can lid image to Lowes and if they were able to mix the paint for you. I hope it works.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Smile 😊

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