Pineapple Stencil On Hallway Gallery Wall

I gave the main hallway in our home a colorful makeover using a fun pineapple stencil and I am so excited to share it with you today.
I shared this project a while ago on Hometalk so you may have seen it already, but I wanted to share it again here on the blog for anyone who may have miss it.

Something fun that we like to do at our home is collage frame all of our favorite family vacation photos and I have found that the hallway is the perfect place to display them all.
But our hallway before was looking rather boring with just plain white walls.

That is why I was so excited to hear about the new line of stencils from Stencil Revolution.
I picked out this adorable Pineapple Stencil and knew that it would make a really fun backdrop to my hallway gallery wall.  I also gathered up some supplies needed like sponge brushes and blue painters tape.

My Inspiration for the color palate that I chose for my stencil wall came from a picture of a Hawaiian print shirt that I found online. I really wanted my walls to look fun and tropical.

 The first step was to paint the walls a solid bright blue. Once my paint was dry I got to work stenciling the walls. Stenciling the walls was a bit time consuming but I found it to be actually really relaxing and therapeutic.

 I loved using this stencil, it was really easy to work with and it's a great quality. I thought that I might have issues with keeping it hanging on the wall because it's got a little bit of weight to it, but I had no problems and the blue painters tape held it into place very well.

As far as applying the paint to the stencil there are a few different options to try. You can use a small roller brush, a stencil brush, or a sponge brush, but truthfully what I found to work well was just some cut up pieces of sponge. I just dabbed the sponge with paint right over the stencil. It worked great!

 Every time, after I took my stencil down, I gave the back side of the stencil a quick wipe down with a wet paper towel.

It took some time to get it all finished but it was all worth it in the end. I am so happy with how it all turned out. My family loves it too!

Because one project always leads to another, once my walls were finished I decided to add some fresh white paint to all of the trim and molding.

Next it was time to re-hang all of our family vacation photos. I scattered the frames more this time than how they were hanging before.

Here is a look at my completed hallway makeover!! I think that it turned out so fun and colorful and I couldn't be more pleased with this adorable Pineapple stencil from Stencil Revolution.

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So what do you think of my hallway makeover?

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*Disclaimer: I was given a stencil from Stencil Revolution for this post, however, all opinions are of my own

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