New Door Color - Wythe Blue

I've had a pretty productive weekend. I Painted our fireplace, did some yard work, and then I painted our front door.....again :)
I wasn't even planning on painting our front door this weekend. It's just that after I finished painting our fireplace (which I'll share soon) I was looking around our home and thinking to myself, 
"now what can I paint?" 
Do you ever find yourself in a mood to paint?

So then I thought to myself, "Hey Emily, Why don't you paint the front door again" ;)
This by the way is the forth time I've painted our front door. I'll share the other previous colors in a bit, but first I want to share how I choose this color. It was really random actually. After I decided that maybe I'd paint our front door again, I went down to our basement where I keep my paint and I found a small can of this color that I've never used before. This color is called;
Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore

I had bought the paint at Lowes Years and Years ago and it wasn't even a color that I picked out. It was actually a reject paint. You know how Lowes sometimes sells paint that the customer doesn't end up buying at a discount price? Well this was one of those paints and so I grabbed it one day and just hadn't ever used it until now.

 I love it! This color has a mint tone to it that I think feels fresh. I think the color pairs well with the color that is on the exterior of our home. People always ask me what the color of our house is but I actually don't know. It was painted this color before we moved in.

I painted the interior side of the door as well, which is something that I  have done every time that I've ever painted our door.  I think it's a fun touch. I'll share what it looks like from the inside another day.

I love painting our front door because it makes such a Huge difference to the look of our home and it doesn't take a whole lot of paint nor time to do.

Here are a few colors that my door has been in the past:

Smokey Eyes by Kilz Paint (found at Walmart) {See Post Here}

Obsidian by Olympic Paint {See Post Here}

Night Scape by Valspar. {See Post Here}

And when we first moved into our home the door was painted red so really this is the 5th color we have had our front door. Can anyone out there beat that?


So if you are thinking of maybe painting your front door then I say Do It!!
I'm always so happy to give ours a fresh new look.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Smile 😊 

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