Fireplace Makeover and New Canvas Art

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So my most favorite blog post to write are the ones where I share with you little makeovers that I have made around our home. I also love to write blog post to share about awesome companies that I think are amazing and want to pass along to to you.  So with that said, today's blog post is a super fun one for me to write about today.

As you can see from the above picture our living room fireplace is looking very fresh and new.
This next picture will remind you of how our fireplace looked before.

This fireplace has had a few different makeover over the years. The biggest change that I've made to it was when I added the barn wood planks. These barn wood planks actually in fact did come from an old barn (as seen here) I had them painted white originally and then a few years ago I decided to warm up the look of the room and so I turned the planks over to reveal the wood side of them. I had also painted the fireplace molding in a grey-green color. See more of that look here.

Well, I'm now currently in a mood to lighten up our home and so painting the fireplace back to white seemed like a great idea. I first pulled down the wood planks, turned them over back to the white side and then I gave it all a fresh new coat of white paint.  As soon as I painted the fireplace white, the whole room seem to open up and look much bigger. It always amazes me at how much a paint color can change up a space.

So now with my fireplace newly painted, I needed some new art to go on it, and that is when I learned about this amazing Sweden company called, PHOTOWALL.
I read something on the Photowall website that said, 
"We Believe that the walls of a room affect how we feel" 
and I totally agree with that!

Here are Three reasons why I think Photowall is so Amazing:

1. There are So many Options of art to pick from. 
Seriously, Photowall has thousands of images to choose from. HERE are several other pictures that caught my eye. It took me days to finally choose "The One" 
You also don't even have to use one of their pictures. You could use any image you want. Like say a family picture or a favorite picture that you took from your travels or whatever else you want.

2. They offer several ways of showcasing your art. 
I choose a canvas print, but the other options at Photowall are; Wallpaper, framed art, or a poster. The posters come with a really fun way to hang them too with pieces of wood. 

3. Photowall is Earth Friendly.
Photowall puts a lot of thought and care behind their products and have made environmental efforts into every step from production to delivery. Photowall also helps to plant thousands of new trees every year. 

So those are just a few of the many reasons why I was so excited to share more about PHOTOWALL with you!
At the end of this post I will even share a discount code for YOU!

Okay, so moving on. Here is a picture of the name and size of the canvas that I ordered.

When it arrived, it came in a kit to put together. It comes with easy to follow instructions or you can also watch the quick tutorial video on their website.

I actually really enjoyed building the frame. It was a lot of fun and  it kinda felt like I was putting together something from IKEA, which I always love to do! 😊

And Here she is!!!!
I was so excited to get it hung up on our mantel. It felt like it was always meant to be.

The canvas itself is made with a nice quality of canvas, and I always love when the image on the canvas wraps around the sides of the frame.

The size of the canvas is just perfect for our mantel. I've always struggled a bit with what to hang here and even the mirror that was hanging before always felt too small for this space. 
Now with the canvas, I don't even need to add anything else to the mantel. It's good all on its own.

The new canvas print inspired me to redecorate the rest of our living room. I went with a subtle Lake-house look.

I switched up the decor on the shelf above our sofa. The rattan mirror that was hanging on the mantle before, now fits size-wise so much better here.

 And then I just mixed in a bunch of plants. Grouping plants like this makes such a bigger statement than just having one or two plants.

And then on the other wall I hung up my little collection of boat buoys and leaned a couple of old boat oars up against the wall. 

Most of this buoy collection has come from antique stores and one I bought at Homegoods.

I like to put candles in large jars with a bunch of rocks. I saw this done as a store display once and now I do it all the time.

The "coffee table" is an old trunk that use to belong to my grandma.

Okay, now just one last look at my fireplace makeover and new canvas print before I go.

What do you think?
Do you like the fireplace white, or did you prefer it wood and grey?
What do you think of the new art?

If you are thinking about getting some new art for your home, either with a canvas print, framed art, poster or even a wallpaper be sure to check out PHOTOWALL
And that 25% discount code I mention is: thewickerhouse2021
(Good Until June 12, 2020 )

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