New Art and Curtains in Our Bedroom

Welcome Spring!
The official first day of Spring isn't for a few more weeks, but in my mind it's already Spring!
At the beginning of each new season I always get inspired to make some changes around our home.
And so today, I wanted to share a few quick little changes that I made in my bedroom.

The first change, which is the most noticeable are the new curtains.  These curtains are not actually new and not even new to me. I bought them at a yard sale (of course I did :)) quite a few summers ago and I'm just now putting them to use. I've always loved the happy colors and pattern of these curtains but never thought of a place to use them until now.

The second change I made to my bedroom is I added new artwork.
As you may know (because I randomly talk about it) is that I'm a Pisces. Which is the Zodiac sign for anyone born from February 19 - March 20 
 We are actually currently in Pisces season and I just so happened to have celebrated my Birthday last week. 

I received this Zodiac Print from Mapiful. It's part of  a new line that they just released. What is really neat about Mapiful is that you can get customized prints from them. Like this zodiac sign allows you the option of adding your own words or dates,  which I think is fun.
Mapiful also designs prints that show what the constellation looked like on a certain date. So you can create a really cool and thoughtful gift for someone.
Anyway, check them out.
They also have a special 25% discount if you buy two prints.

So I ordered this Pisces print for me and then I ordered a Capricorn print for my husband.
I thought it would be really neat to hang them as a pair in our bedroom. It's definitely more personable then the random artwork that I had hanging up previously.

I did have to buy a frame for the prints and I found these really simple ones at Walmart for about six dollars each.

Here is a close up of the Capricorn print. 
I've never heard Capricorn be referred to as the Sea Goat before. I've always thought it was a mountain goat, especially because Capricorn is an earth sign. But for whatever reason I love that is says "sea" my husband and I love the sea and so I thought that it too was another personal touch,

The changes that I made to the room were really simple, but all together those changes gave the room a  fresh new look. Perfect for spring.

I also kinda went with a settle Hawaiian theme if you can tell.  The curtains kinda have a Hawaiian look to them and so I carried that vibe throughout the room and incorporated some seashells and a palm tree candle holder.

Anyway, What do you think?
Are you needing a change to your bedroom?
How about switching out the curtains or hanging some new artwork.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Happy Spring!


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