My DIY Painted Floors - Part 3 - Final Room Makeover

I'm so Happy to finally share my Finished Painted floors and Sun Room Makeover with you today.
In PART 1. I shared the story behind how these floors came to be.
In PART 2. I shared How I sanded and painted (Beige-Washed) my floors.
And now today, for Part 3 I get to share pictures of how the room now looks after its big makeover.

So Welcome to our Sun Room Come on in!

After my floors were finished, I got to work painting a fresh new color on the walls. Isn't this color lovely?
This color is Called Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore. 

We rented a little Beach House AirBnB on the Oregon Coast last year and the whole interior of the beach house was painted this color. I loved it so much that I emailed the owners asking if they would please share the color with me and they did.

  I had a beautiful Wallpaper Mural hanging on the wall before, and even thought I really loved the mural, I was just ready for a change and so I took it down. You can see what the Mural Wallpaper looked like HERE.

I also rearranged all of the furniture to give the room a different layout.

I placed three bookshelves right up next to each other to create this built-in bookshelf look.
I was really happy with the way it came together.

I kept the day bed under all of the windows because this is a favorite spot to relax on. On a nice day,  I like to open up the windows and let the fresh air in.

These windows are my absolute favorite part about this room......possibly even about our whole house. I adore these windows!!

I've mentioned this several times before, but this daybed is actually just a twin size bed. So this is something that is really easy for anyone to create. If you add lots of pillows to the bed it will just look like a daybed.

And if you just so happen to be a hoarder of throw pillows (Like Me) then this is also just a great way to store your collection. I'm always switching these pillows out for others around our home. 

Under the bed I have a couple of wicker trunks and picnic baskets. These are great for storage, Plus I think they look cute under the bed.

The long dresser in the room is also great for extra storage. I recently gave this dresser a mini makeover and added leather handles to it that I created by cutting up an old belt. See that Post Here.

The dresser up against the desk hides all of the computer cords, plus the dresser is just a great place to put my plants on.

Plants do really well in this room because of all of the sunlight that pours in from the windows. I have quite a few plants in here. 

You'll find plants mixed in with other decor on the bookshelves. I always have fun decorating shelves and  so it's fun to now have a whole wall of shelves.

I like to look through home decorating books and so I made sure those books were easily available.

We really enjoy having the desk in the center of the room. It faces the windows and so theres a pretty view to look up at.

The desk got a quick makeover as well. Before the top of the desk was painted green, but for whatever reason the paint was scratching off of the veneer top. And so I had to pull the veneer top off, do some sanding, and then I just gave it a fresh coat of white paint.

There is a cute closet in the room too, which is just another great place for storage. I keep all of my craft supplies and gift wrappings in here.

I bought the white industrial light fixture at Habitat for Humanity ReStore a few years ago and I still really like it.

I kept my cow skull hanging up in the room. It holds my massive collection of seashell necklaces.

Another fun feature in the room is this hanging plant holder. I found it at a fun barn sale one year.

On the plant holder I have this Christmas Cactus plant.

The Christmas Cactus just so happened to be in full bloom right in time for my pictures. Isn't if fun?

I took lots of pictures of the day bed and so I'll just share them throughout this whole post.

I've had most of these Pillows for years, but I know that These Ones and These Ones are still available for sale. Also, If you check out my Shop My Favorites Page I have a lot of other really cute pillow options.

The quilts are both second hand from yard sales and thrift stores.

I have a couple of little dreamcatcher hanging from the window.

And I made the curtains out of white $5 sheets from Walmart. See how HERE.

And the last thing that I always like to share in our sunroom is this bell water fountain. It's been a favorite thing in our home for years. It makes soft little chimes that you can hear throughout our home constantly. 
I had to put this fountain away for a while as I was working on sanding the floors and I really noticed the absence of it. I missed hearing the little chimes and so I was really happy to get it up and running again. 
You can find a couple similar ones in my Shop Our Home Page

Well the concludes my tour of our Sunroom / Office Makeover.
What do you think?

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Thanks for stopping by today.

I hope that I have inspired you in some way or another.


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Thanks so much!!!!!

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