New Ikea Slipcover from Amazon! Beach house Inspired!

Back in November my family and I rented a cute little beach house on the Oregon Coast. This little beach house was all decorated with Ikea Furnishings. I know because I have a gift for spotting out Ikea furniture everywhere I go. I can always just tell :) ..... And Also, because I have a strange habit of checking the labels on everything.   Anyone Else?

The sofa at our beach house was obviously an Ektorp Sofa from Ikea.  I knew this right away because I also own an Ektorp Sofa from Ikea.  But what I was the most surprised with was the slipcover that was on the sofa. It was a heavy, almost like a denim fabric, in a blue/grey color. I loved it! But when I went online to Ikea's website, I saw that they no longer carry this slipcover and unfortunately they really only have a few other slipcover options to pick from. Ikea use to have tons of slipcover choices for the Ektorp, but not anymore.

But my Mother-in-Law being the best Mother-in-Law in the world, did a search on Amazon and found the exact Ikea slipcover!!! She then ordered it and gave it to me for Christmas.  
So I totally feel like a got a brand new sofa for Christmas.

I have a few other slipcovers for our Ektorp sofa already but here's why I was excited to get a new one.

1. The first slipcover I have is the white slipcover from Ikea. I love it, but it's not easy keeping the white clean with two boys and a Great Dane.

2. The second slipcover I own is a blue one that I dyed myself. I had an extra white slipcover on hand that I dyed with a combination of navy blue and black dye. It looked good at first but the dye job kept fading and so I needed to keep dying it to keep it looking good. But with all of the extra washings it shrunk the slipcover and the last time I tried to tackle it onto my couch it literally ripped at the seems.

3. The third slipcover I own is from Comfort Works and I absolutely Love it. I'd highly recommend anyone looking for a new slipcover to check out Comfort Works, But unfortunately I wasn't very smart about which slipcover I ordered. I went with with a grey wool because I thought it was pretty...even though Comfort Works clearly stated on their website that that particular fabric was not recommended for kids or pets. So after a few years with  Kids and Pets the fabric did start to pile a bit. But this was totally my own fault I should have gone with a heavier fabric option.

So with this new slipcover, I now have a New Rule that our Great Dane can not get on this couch anymore. She's not happy about it, but she's being really good. And then I just make sure to keep the couch covered with tons of throw pillows so there's no room for her to lay on it anyway. HA!

At the end of this post, I will share a link to where my Mother-in-law found this Ikea slipcover on Amazon, But first I want to share a little more about this space in our living room.

I had fun decorating the shelf above our sofa. I just shopped around our home and brought in an old window frame, an antique ship, and some jars with candles and plants in them.  The whole look feels very Nautical, which you all know I love.

I also got this black and white striped area rug for Christmas. Well actually I got a gift card to HomeGoods where I went and bought myself this new rug. I wish it was larger, but it still adds a whole lot to the room just by layering it onto my existing jute rug.

I also put my stack of wicker trunks/picnic baskets inside my fireplace. I don't know if these will stay here for long, mainly I just brought them in from the sunroom where I am currently working on sanding/painting the floors. (If you are waiting for an update on the floors, I hope to have them finished soon).

The pillows on the couch blend so well with the new rug. The navy and white striped pillow and the white one with the X design are from City Farmhouse and Co.
The fringe pillow is from Homegoods. 

And then a lot of the other things you see here are from thrift stores, Including this amber colored jar,  Which was such a lucky find.

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  1. That slip cover is amazing and what a thoughtful mother-in-law!


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