Top 10 Blog Post of 2019!!

Here we are at the end of another year! They come and go so quickly, don't they?
So I was thinking back on the year, and I was I feeling like I didn't really have that much to blog about in 2019. I didn't makeover any rooms in our home, I didn't re-paint my kitchen for a sixth time, I didn't participate in that many blog hops or home tours, but that's okay because when I started to do my research for today's blog post, I realized that perhaps you all like my how-to's, yard sale finds, and indoor gardening tips more anyway.

Today's blog post is a fun one! I really had so much fun researching and finding out what my most popular blog post for the year 2019 were. It was interesting to learn what you guys enjoyed seeing the most and this is also super helpful for me when planning blog post for the upcoming year.

So today I thought I'd count it down to my most popular blog post of the whole year, and trust me it's a good one. I'm so happy with what post made it to the number 1 spot. So stick around to the end.

So now let's begin, Counting it down! Let's go!


I adore these two corner hutches in our dining room and in this blog post I share how you too can get this look in your own home.  See the full Post [HERE]


Strangely our back patio wasn't getting used much at all, but after adding  some furniture and giving it a relaxing set up we then started to use the patio every day in the summer.  
See the full Post [HERE]


Indoor Water Gardens are really fun to create and they can add a tranquil feeling to your home. I shared some tips on how I've created a couple of water gardens around our home.
See the full Post [HERE]

I always have fun sharing my tablescapes for the different seasons and this fall table setting was a favorite of mine. This blog post was part of a fun blog hop. I always enjoy teaming up with other bloggers to gather lots of great inspiration.
See the full Post [HERE]



This is a great post full of ideas on how to give your kitchen a quick refresh. Just by moving things  around on your counter tops can really give your kitchen a whole new look and feel. 
See the Full Post [HERE]

I put together a fun beachy summer tablescape look on our back patio for Mother's Day. In this blog post I had joined in with a great group of bloggers for another tablescape blog hop.
See the full Post [HERE]

Yes! I'm so Happy that this post made it into the top 3 because Yard Sale shopping is such a passion of mine and so it makes me happy to know that you like this topic as well.
In this post I share some of the things I found at yard sales and where I placed them in our home.
See the full Post [HERE]

I know that futons sometimes get a bad rap for being cheap dorm room  furniture but I actually think that futons are super comfy. After giving an old futon a makeover we found it to work great as outdoor furnishings.
See the full Post [HERE] 

Now to my most popular post of 2019.....
Drum roll.............................................................................


This really makes me so Happy because this was one of the funnest blog post to write. In this post I share what it was about our house that had me saying, Yes, I want to live here!
This blog post is also part of a blog hop where other bloggers share a more personal look into their own homes.
See the full post [HERE]

And there you go, My top 10 blog post for 2019
This has me excited to start a fresh new year and see what new projects, paint colors, room refreshes,  are still to come.

Thank you so much for being here today and for every time you stop by the blog. It means so much to have you here, leaving comments, pining my pictures on Pinterest and liking my post on Facebook and Instagram. I truly thank you so so much!

Well Goodbye 2019! 
Thank you for all of the blessings that you have given us
and Cheers to 2020 may it be a happy one!

Happy New Year,



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