Christmas Living Room Tour at Night

I think that most of you would agree that a home decorated for Christmas looks its best at night time. There is just something so magical about the glow of Christmas lights.
So the other night I decided  to take some pictures of our living room and try and capture that magical feeling. 
You can click [HERE] to see what our Christmas Home looks like in the day.

It's not easy to capture that magical feeling on camera, but I tried my best. 
I think that most Christmas lights need to actually be seen in person to get the full effect. Right? because it's more of a feeling than a look anyway.

Perhaps my favorite picture I've taken all season is this one here of our Dane, Stormy. She sat so pretty for me even with lights strung around her neck.

I just love how much a Christmas tree lights up a room. I enjoy it so much that when Christmas is over and it's time to put it all away, it's always the tree that I miss the most.

 For other added lighting I have lit a bunch of candles and then I  have some twinkle lights in the fireplace. The twinkle lights are dimming out because I need to change the batteries, but they do have just a tiny bit of  sparkle left in them. :)

Okay, I feel like I can stop chatting now and just let you just look at the rest of the pictures for yourself without commentary. :)

Now we wait for Christmas to come!
But truthfully I'd be happy if Christmas came just a little slower because I want to enjoy these magical lights for as long as I can.

If you have any questions about our Christmas living room they can probably be answered in my 2019 Christmas House Tour.
Or just leave them in a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Holidays!



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