8 Reasons Why Sleeping Bags Make Great Christmas Tree Skirts

This year I have used a camping Sleeping Bag for a Christmas tree shirt and I think that it's Perfect!
Here are 8 reasons why I think that sleeping bags make great tree skirts.


The inside of a sleeping bag is usually a soft flannel with a rustic plaid print on it and I think that  plaid ties in so well with Christmas.

Sleeping bags are full and fluffy, Which adds a whole new level of coziness then what a typical tree shirt can offer.

Pets love to nap under a Christmas tree and they will thank you for making it so inviting for them. I know if our Great Dane, Stormy could fit under our tree then she most certainly would be cuddled up right there.

It's also fun for little kids to sleep next to the Christmas tree. If you have children or Grandchildren, then you can easily use the sleeping bag for a fun sleepover or just to stay up and read stories in. Then afterwards you can turn it back into a tree shirt.

Sleeping bags are usually filled with lots of fun camping memories. So to use them at Christmas time just adds even more of a nostalgic feeling.

Who doesn't already own a sleeping bag? It's always great when you can use items that you already own into your decorating. 

Sleeping bags are the perfect size to fit around a tree. Just unzip the sleeping bag, wrap it around the tree and then tuck under the edges to give it that circle look

And Lastly, On Christmas morning after the presents are all open, why not spread the sleeping bag out for a soft place to play on.

And there you go! Can you think of any other reasons why a sleeping bag makes the perfect Christmas tree shirt?

Let me know what you think!

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