The Wicker House Loves Wicker Trunks

Last weekend I managed to find a couple of yard sales. I actually accidentally came across them while looking for an estate sale. The estate sale must have ended early because there were no signs posted when I got there, but luckily I had passed a few yard sale signs on the way. I was excited because I had figured yard sale season was over since it's now November but the weather has been quite nice here lately and so people are still willing to spend the day outdoors.

And so I wanted to share with you  this wicker trunk that I picked up at one of those yard sales.  I fell in love with this trunk the second I laid eyes on it, but guess what? I only paid 5 dollars for it.

It was  such a great find because this wicker trunk is in excellent condition. It's large, sturdy, and  even the handles are in great shape. Handles and legs always seem to be the first things to break on wicker furniture, but these are in perfect condition.

I brought this new wicker trunk into our bedroom. Bedrooms are a great place for a wicker trunk because you can store extra blankets and throw pillows in it. I even think it looks extra cozy with the lid open and with blankets draping out from it. So I'll probably keep it open like this.

Now I wish so badly that I could share somewhere where you can pick up this cute wicker trunk and for only five dollars too, but I can't.
But I did look around online and I found some other really great options. So if you are interested in getting a wicker trunk for your home,  then I'm sure you'll find one here that you like.
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If you were to get a wicker trunk where would put it in your home and what would you keep in it? Or if you already have a wicker trunk, what are some other things you use it for?
I was also thinking how great these wicker trunks would be at Christmas time. You may even be able to put a Christmas tree in one and use it as a decorative tree stand. Or perhaps place a wicker trunk by a tree and fill it up with a cozy blanket and some presents all wrapped up. I may just do that myself.

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