Recycled Cargo Pocket Pillow

Over the weekend and in between sanding and staining our office floors I took a little break to make this cute cargo pocket pillow.
This pillow turned out great! The floors on the other hand, well let's just say that they are a work in progress at the moment. They are going to be one of those trial and error types of projects but I'm determine to get them looking better than before. So Until then, Let's just focus on this simple, no-fuss, easy-peasy, Cargo pocket pillow project.

 So the other day I noticed that my husband was throwing away a pair of cargo shorts that got a rip in them. And then I noticed how cute the pocket was on the shorts and so I dug the shorts out of the trash and decided to make a pillow with it. Because why not?

I cut the pocket out of the shorts and then sewed it right onto the bottom corner of a white IKEA Pillow cover that I already had. I used my sewing machine and it took no more than 10 minutes to sew.

I love the idea of adding a pocket to a pillow. A pocket is so handy for holding the TV remote, your phone, or if I add this pillow to my boy's room then I'm sure they'll use the pocket to hold a flashlight, a book, or perhaps they'll use it to stash away their leftover Halloween candy. 

I think this new pillow turned out cute. What do you think?
I hope that this pillow will inspire you to recycle some of your old clothes too.
And because this isn't my first time creating home decor out of old clothing items, check out some of these other recycled clothes projects that I've already shared here on the blog.

What are some ways that you have recycled old clothes?
I'd love to hear your ideas.

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