Nautical Decor Display

Last Friday I stopped into a little thrift store here in town and I found this cute old bottle with a ship on it. As soon as I saw this bottle I just had to have it. I kinda have a thing for all things Nautical.

The bottle is actually an old cologne bottle from AVON and I bought it for just $2.99

The bottle was empty when I bought it, but my son told me that I should add water to it so that the ship would look like it's floating, and so I did. :) 

I brought my new bottle into our dining room and found a place for it on this antique wood shelf.  
The bottle then inspired me to add in some more Nautical decor and so I filled up a large jar with some mussel shells that I've been collecting over the years.  I really love the look of the shells in the jar next to the little ship bottle. 

So ya, I always love to show you the things that I find at yard sales and at thrift stores and so I just wanted to quickly share my new ship bottle with ya. I'm all about finding joy in the little things.

I also looked around on ETSY and found a few of the same ship bottles like mine, and so if you were jealous of mine, you can get one too :) You can also find mussel shells on Etsy, who knew? And because I always get asked, here are some links to wood shelves that are similar to mine.  
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