My Nautical Kitchen at Night

Because it gets dark out so early now, I feel like I spend most of my time in the kitchen at night time.
Whether I'm fixing dinner or washing up the dishes, it all happens in the evenings.
So to keep our kitchen from feeling dark and gloomy, I have come up with a few ways to make it feel warm and cozy.

The main thing I did was add a Strand of Edison Lights* to our kitchen window. I plug these lights in every morning and every evening instead of turning on the bright overhead lights. And can I just tell ya, my family and I are enjoying these lights so so much! The warm glow brings such a cozy and peaceful feeling into our kitchen. 

These lights are great for Christmas time too, but I do plan on keeping the lights up all year long now because I like them so much.

Now the second thing I did to cozy up our kitchen was I played around with this back splash wall behind our stove. It was pretty bare before but now I have hung up a framed ship picture, some white mugs, a metal strainer, my wood fish trivet, and a dishtowel. And now this little nautical wall is so much fun to look at while I'm standing in front of the stove cooking.

It's a little hard to see in my pictures, but I have an old piece of wood hanging right above the tile on the back splash. I added little hooks to the wood and it works great for hanging things from. 

The old piece of wood also has some metal label holders on it which is my favorite part. Well I realized that I could attach heavy duty  magnets to the metal and then use the magnets to hold up cutting knives. I thought that was a cool touch. 

I think that by adding just a few things to this space really gives our kitchen a more lived-in feeling that I love. 
I love decorating with things that bring me joy as well as with things that I use in my daily life to bring that personal touch of comfort to a space.

I also realize that I need to display more of my nautical decor around our home because Nautical decor always has my heart.

Now whenever I walk into our kitchen in the evenings, with the glowing lights, and the nautical decor, I Smile! Our kitchen just feels so homey to me.

I hope that my nautical kitchen at night has inspired you in some way or another.
Thank you for stopping by.


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