The Wicker House Loves Stoneware Crocks

I love Crocks!
And no I'm not talking about the Crocks you put on your feet. I'm talking about the Crocks you find in homes and at antique stores. I have two crocks sitting on our mantel holding plants. I found the larger one at a yard sale last summer and the smaller one I just picked up last weekend at an antique store. 

You may have seen the blog post I wrote not too long ago called, The Wicker House Loves Enamel Home Decor, Well that post really got me thinking, there's a lot of other random things that I love and for no particular reason at all either than I just do.
Just like Enamel home decor I equally love Stoneware crocks. No sentimental reasons attached. There are just certain things that I am always drawn to but I can't tell you why exactly. I think we all have heart-eyes for some particular thing, right? 
So who knows, this may even become an ongoing blog series. If you are interested, and please let me know if you are, I'll just keep sharing these types of blog post showcasing my love for random things :)

So if you are not already familiar, Stoneware crocks are ceramics pots, jars, or jugs that were used in earlier times for holding food items such as; butter, jams, pickles, moonshine, and so on. But what I just learned myself is that the markings that crocks sometimes have identify the pottery company and the number denotes the capacity it can hold.

Crocks are still very practical to use nowadays around your home.  I've seen them used for holding utensils or rolling pins in a kitchen, toothbrushes in a bathroom, newspapers by a fireplace, and what I like to use them for, holding plants. They are also very pretty on their own just sitting on a shelf.

Do you also love crocks? What are some things you like to do with your crocks?

So for this post, I searched ETSY to find some beautiful Stoneware Crocks to share with you.  ETSY is a wonderful place to go to find crocks, or any antiques for that matter. I also tried to find crocks that I thought were a good price because crocks can be very expensive. especially the larger ones.
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  1. Cute idea for a series I think! I know what you mean about attractions to things you don't know why - like my hubby is crazy for old metal wheels - and I am always drawn to old baskets and splatter ware among 100 other things :-).