The Wicker House Loves Enamel Home Decor

We all have those certain things that we are drawn to. Those random things that we just have to have whenever we see them in a store.
 Sure some of the things that we are drawn to are because of  sentimental reasons. Perhaps it reminds us of a special person or a certain time in our lives. But what about those other things that we are drawn to for no particular reason. 
What is it about those certain things that makes us happy even though we have no idea why? 

 I've been looking around our home and realizing some of the things that I am always drawn to and one of them is Enamel Home Decor.  Here are two enamel items just in one corner of my kitchen. The Enamel Anchor tray was from Birch Lane  (no longer available) And the enamel Salt box was a lucky thrift store find.

I have absolutely no idea what it is about enamel home decor that makes me so happy but it just does. Maybe it's because a lot of the time enamel is white and white is my favorite color.  Maybe it's the painted metal part about it that I love. Metal makes the piece feel casual and rustic. I especially love it when the enamel has black trim or ruffed up areas.
 I don't know why I love enamel so much, I just do, and I know that I can't be the only one. 
So tell me, are you a lover of all things enamel too?

If so then I think you're going to love this little collection that I've put together. All of these items (with affiliated links) can be found on

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  1. I love enamelware....maybe because my grandmother had an enamel topped table in her has such a comfortable feeling to it. <3 Nancy


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