Stuffed Biscuits and Gravy

My husband, Jake is an awesome cook! He whipped us up this delicious breakfast last weekend and it turned out SO Good! And So I just had to share his recipe with you. He's calling this recipe, Stuffed Biscuits and Gravy

This recipe came about after trying a recipe from Joanna Gaines' cookbook, Magnolia Table. Her recipe was called, 'Jo's Fatayar' and it included hamburger, hash browns, cheese, and some other ingredients all wrapped up in a biscuit. It turned out good, although we couldn't get them to stay wrapped up the way she shows in the picture and ours ended up more like meat pizzas :) 
But anyway,  it got Jake thinking, What else could you wrap up in a biscuit?

And so that's how Jake came up with this idea to make Stuffed biscuits and gravy. They still taste just like biscuits and gravy but instead of the biscuits being on the bottom with the sausage and gravy on top, Jake thought why not just wrap it all up in a biscuit!  He's a clever one that Jake. :)

So I headed to the grocery store and picked up the following 3 ingredient:
- 1 lb breakfast sausage
- 1 packet of Country Style Gravy Mix
- 2 cans of Pillsbury's Country style buttered Grand Biscuits

To Make:
Jake first cooked up the ground breakfast sausage and then added the gravy following the instructions on the gravy packet and Salt and Pepper
He then rolled out each biscuit flat using a rolling pin. He used flour to keep the biscuit from sticking to the rolling pin, and he made each circle about 5 inches in diameter.
He added the sausage and gravy mixture to the center of the biscuit and then folded the biscuit over and pinched the edges closed.
I should note that Jake was only able to fill one and a half cans of the biscuits with the sausage and gravy mixture. So you may want to cook the extra biscuits normal without rolling them out.

Place the stuffed biscuits and gravy on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Then cook in pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 15-20  minutes or until golden brown.

This recipe makes 12 Stuffed Biscuits and Gravy.



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