New Pillows from City Farmhouse and Co.

I have some exciting news that I am so Happy to get to share with you today.
My beautiful and ever so talented friend, Jen O'Brien at City Farmhouse has designed an amazing textile and pillow collection and has just launched her new online shop named, 

Here is a look at some of her prints in the collections. 
Jen has named this collection the Montauk Collection and has put so much thought and love into every detail. The Montauk Collection is all hand-drawn by Jen and was inspired by nature with  simple patterns and the hues of the coast. Each pillow is 100% linen and sourced and printed ethically using a sustainable process. Plus 5% of every sale goes to Girls Inc.

I seriously want every pillow in this collection! Not only do I love all of the beautiful prints, but linen has just become a favorite for me over the years. Ever since I put linen sheets on my bed, I now want everything linen. Linen just has an earthy feel about it and is so practical for every day.

These are the two pillows that I was personally drawn to at first from the collection.
The White one is named, Hopkins/Night and the darker one is named, Surfside/Indigo.
I just love the look of these two pillows together, I think that they pair so nicely with each other.

I currently have these two pillows in our entryway, but I guarantee they will get passed along from room to room when I take interior photos of our home. These are by far my favorite pillows that I have ever owned. 

I prefer a 20 X 20 size for my throw pillows so that's what I have, but these pillow covers come in several different sizes as well including a lumbar. This next picture of me holding the pillows will give you a better idea of the size of them because I know sometimes it's hard to tell the perspective of things in interior pictures.


Jen say's that pillows make her happy and I have to agree with her! I also share Jen's love for pillows. Pillows can be that one thing that brings the whole look of a room together. But over time, I've gotten rather particular about my throw pillows and I have come to realize that it's not about quantity but about quality. Sure it's fun to mix in a few new pillows for the changing seasons or holidays, but having staples that look great all year round is key. This collection is just that. These pillows are perfect for every day.

Jen has such an amazing style. Her home's interior and exterior are both beautiful and practical.
Not only is Jen super talented in decorating and designing but Jen is also one of the most kindest people you could ever meet.  I haven't actually met Jen in person yet, but one day I hope to because I just know that who she is on her blog and social media is going to be that same thoughtful and kind person she is in real life.

Now please go show Jen some Love for this new pillow collection that she has put so much heart and hard work into.  You can read her touching personal story behind this collection HERE.
You can shop the full collection at City Farmhouse and Co.
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