Bag Full of Fall Leaves Hanging on our Front Door

My absolute favorite thing about Fall has got to be the colorful trees, how about you?
We have a couple of trees out in front of our home that change colors before any other trees in our whole neighborhood.  These trees turn a bright glowing red and give me all of the fall feels.

I typically put a wreath on our front door, but after reading Liz Marie Galvan's new book, Cozy White Cottage, I was inspired to add a market bag greeting to our front door.  I just hung up a large straw bag that I had and filled it up with clippings from our beautiful trees.

By the way, I am loving Liz's new book SO SO much and plan to write a whole blog post about it soon. Have you picked up a copy yet? It's so inspiring. I don't think that I would have ever thought to hang a bag on our door but I absolutely love this look. And just think about how easy this idea could be for any season. 

These leaves are so bright and cheerful and create such a welcoming greeting to anyone who may stop by our home.

So ya, like I said these trees are glowing!  We have two large windows on the front of our home and I kid you not, they actually light up the inside of our home with a beautiful red glow.  I've tried to capture it with pictures, but you honestly just need to see it in person.

I seriously wish that these trees could stay this color forever. But then again, it's something that I get to look forward to this time every year.

A part of me always gets a little sad when I start to see the leaves fall to the ground. But I think that it's just another way nature teaches us valuable life lessons. Fall teaches us to live in the moment, take in life's magical moments, to be grateful for every little thing and then fall teaches us to just let go and let it be whatever it needs to be.

I hope that you are enjoying the change of season wherever you may be.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I hope that you have a wonderful day (or night)


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