A New Shelf Above Our Couch

I feel like I make the most changes to our home in the Fall....It could actually be Spring that I make the most changes but I'm not about to go research that :) But I do know that as soon as fall approaches I get an urge to make some changes around our home. I'm kinda wanting to paint some walls. Not sure what walls or in what room, but the urge is there. But before I go make any drastic changes I thought I'd start the season off simple and change up this wall in our living room.

By the way, does anyone else get these urges to change up your home as soon as a new season rolls around? I'm sure you do, your probably thinking up something at this moment. Am I right?
Anyway, so I took down my dollar store frame gallery wall that I had hanging here previously and I hung up a simple wood shelf in its place.

I ordered some beautiful raw steel brackets off of Amazon  and then I purchased an 8 foot pine board at a local lumber store and had them cut the board to be 6 feet long. And then with the board and brackets built this awesome new shelf.  

When I bought the pine board I also picked up some walnut stain, but when I got home I changed my mind about the stain. This pine was way too pretty to cover up with stain and so I gave it a few coats of a sealer instead.

Next all I did was drill the new steel brackets onto the board and then hung it up on the wall.
I did make sure to find my studs first and I also planned out where to place the brackets on the board so that it all lined up with the studs.
I then used a level to make sure that the shelf  was on straight. 

It was such an easy-peasy project but it makes a really big difference to the room.

A long shelf like this is such a great idea for above a couch. Not only does it fill up the wall nicely, but I'm also  thinking about how much fun it will be to decorate for all of the changing seasons and holidays.

I just grabbed some random things to try out on the shelf but I ended up liking what I added.
A plant, a big elk antler, and two yardsale purchased pictures. My display has a rustic look to it which is fitting for fall.

These brackets though are what make this shelf so awesome.  I love how they wrap around the board. 

You can see more of the brackets here on Amazon.
DIY Cartel has more bracket options and other cool products too.

I think it's always fun to switch things around in our home. You may have noticed that I switched up my sofa slipcover again and went back to the original Ikea white one. And then I'm just really liking the freshness that this new shelf brings.

However, it probably wont be long before I do start painting walls. LOL

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