Add Cottage Charm to your Dining Room Corner Hutches

 Did you see my last blog post where I shared reasons why I choose our home? If not, please check it out HERE because I had so much fun putting together that post. That post is also a part of a really cool blog hop where a great bundle of bloggers are also sharing a more personal and informative look into their own homes.

So like I mentioned in that last blog post, one of my favorite things about our home are these two corner hutches in our dining room that are original to our 1924 cottage home.

I have had so much fun playing in these hutches over the years. I love to decorate them with all of my mix matched dishes and I even did a pretty snow village theme in them one year for Christmas.

These corner hutches allow me to pick up new little dishes every time I come across ones I love at yard sales, thrift stores, or antique stores. My collection just keeps growing and growing and that's totally okay, because I have plenty of room to display it all.

One of the hutches has little hooks under the shelf which is super adorable for hanging up my little white tea cups. I'm so glad that these little hooks were already there because I don't know that I would have ever thought to add them.  

The areas above the hutches are where I keep my glass bottle collection and then there is a little storage cupboard below that holds extra dishes, napkins, plate chargers, etc.

Sometimes I'll leave the glass doors open so that my displays are easier to see and also just because I think they look cute this way.

Okay, So I realize that I'm super lucky to have these corner hutches in our dining room. These types of built-in hutches are typical for a cottage bungalow built at that era when houses were built with so much detail and charm.  Nowadays this type of charm is a little harder to come by unless you add it yourself. So that is why I searched online to find some corner hutches that I think would look amazing in most anybody's home. 

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These first two appear to be the same, but I listed them both so that you could compare.

Please let me know if you decided to add any of these corner hutches into your home. I think that they would all bring so much added charm to a room.

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  1. I love this sooo much! Would you be willing to share the basic measurements of your built ins? I have a handy husband and I think this is what our dining room needs! ❤