Our Back Patio Seating Area

I recently put together this little seating area on our back patio and we now use this space every single day. I can't believe I never thought to use this space for seating before because it is now so inviting and a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. I've had the picnic table up here previously, but still, it hardly ever got used.

The reason why I never thought to add seating to our patio before is because it isn't covered and so I figured if I added any furniture it would just get ruined from the rain. But after thinking it over, I came up with some ways to keep it all protected, which I'll talk about more in a minute, but first I wanted to share what inspired me to use this space in the first place.

You see we also have a large play house in our back yard (see Here) and I was using the bottom portion of it as a place to sit and hang but the problem with it was that it wasn't very private from our neighbors and with their new trampoline you just see kids bouncing up and down all day, which is all good, but I really like to come outside to enjoy a little peace and that's when I finally realized that this area on our patio was very private and secluded.....Again, not sure why it took me so long to utilize it more but anyway :)

Before I could create this little seating area, I first had to give a quick makeover to all of our mix matched gifted and thrifted furniture. Starting with this futon...

I blogged all about this futon makeover in my last post seen HERE. In that post I share WHY I wanted a futon so badly, Where I found this one and How I made it over giving it a much needed face lift using a really awesome must-try chalk paint. So check that post out to learn more if you haven't read it yet.

The futon turned out great and really is a comfortable place to sit back and relax.  Plus like I also mentioned in my last post, futons fold down into a bed and so one night my husband and I even slept out here underneath the stars.

So the wicker chairs were hand me downs from my husband's uncle and I had painted them black a few years back but the coffee table needed a new paint job.  I bought the rattan coffee table at a thrift store years ago and had painted it green, but for this space I wanted it to match with the other furniture so I just gave it a quick spray with Rustoleum black spray paint and it now looks better than ever!

To finish off the space I added a green and white stripe umbrella, which I purchased at Fred Meyers a few years ago. I also added some throw pillows, house plants, and a large seashell to the mix.
It's all very simple and practical for this outdoor seating area.

This cute anchor chime was a gift from a friend who knows my nautical-style so well :)

Okay, so back to how I keep all of the furniture safe from the rain. The umbrella covers a lot of the area which is great. I then have two large pieces of plastic, that I use like tarp, and cover the furniture anytime it even looks like it might rain. I still plan to buy a couple spray bottles of NeverWet  from Rustoleum that my friend Jen @CityFarmhouse once blogged about. I want to spray down the futon mattress really good with it, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  And then I will probably store all of the furniture in the garage during the winter months when not in use.

Now the next thing we want for out here is a water mister.
But otherwise it's perfect!

What do you think?
Are you also dumb-founded as to why the heck I hadn't used this area for seating before?

Thanks for stopping by,
Peace & Love,


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  1. Is the hot tub still there? Glad I saw the post where you painted the hot tub, never thought of that. How is it the paint holding up? Love your casual decorating style. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank You! Yes, The Hot tub is still there and the paint is holding up really well.