Backyard potting area with a DIY Awning

So every weekend I like to give myself at least one little project to get done around the house. Usually I focus on an area that could use a little sprucing up and so last weekend I chose to clean up my little potting station that I created a few years ago. This potting station is located in a little nook area right beside our garage.

This area gets dirty fast because it's right under a huge catalpa tree. If you familiar with a catalpa tree then you will know how messy they are. It's a big beautiful tree and I love it madly, but it drops 3 times a year. First it drops its long wood like seed pods, then it drops its beautiful white flowers and then in the Fall it drops its humongous size leaves.
Here is a picture of the tree and where this potting station is located in our backyard:

Anyway, so because this area gets messy fast I thought it would be great to find a way to cover it up a bit and that is when I got creative and made this awning.

I found an old broken Ikea hammock in our garage and I knew it would be great to use as an awing.
I had to cut off all of the ropes and then I had to cut the fabric to the size I needed.  I then nailed the wood part of the hammock to the top of the wall of this little nook area. I seriously still can't believe that it was the perfect fit!
I then rolled the opposite end of the fabric around an old hoe and then pretty much just wedged it between the two opposite walls to keep it all in place. 
I would have used the other slat from the hammock, but that was the part of the hammock that was broken, and the old hoe was just the right size I needed. It's wedged pretty tightly so I'm not concerned with it falling.

So yeah, I really just rigged the whole thing together, but hey it works!
 I wanted to share this just in case someone else happens to have an old fabric hammock on hand... maybe you too could find a way to use it as an awning somewhere around your home. Maybe?

Another thing that I've found a new purpose for is this old rake head that I've hung up. It works great for hanging  my  gardening tools on.

The little metal green shelf came from a yard sale and it works well for holding all of my extra pots that are just waiting to be potted with plants :)

If you like my potting station then just know that it was super easy to create. Take a look around your yard and chances are you have a place to create one too.
Or maybe you already have a potting station. If so, I'd love for you to share it with me.

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