Hallway Gallery Wall Of Family Vacation Pictures

Have I ever showed you our hallway full of family vacation pictures?
I'm sure that I have, but even if I have that would have been quite some time ago and we have since added to it. So today I wanted to share more about it with you.

My husband, Jake had this idea years ago to frame our  most special family vacation photos into collage frames and we have keep up with this fun tradition ever since.

It is SO much fun to walk down our hallway and be reminded of such wonderful family times. I also love that whenever we have company over they always get caught up in our hallway looking at all of the pictures too.

Since our family just got back from an Amazing Disney cruise to the Bahamas and I could not wait to get our pictures printed out and hung up, I figured this would be a great time to show you more about these collage frames. 

These collage frames are getting harder and harder to find these days. And so when I do find them I usually pick up a couple at a time. I'll also come across them at yard sales or thrift stores every so often too. In most cases though, the frames are usually black or wood and so I'm pretty sure I've had to paint the majority of our frames.  I'm also finding that I'm having to paint the picture mat as well. They tend to be more of a cream or off-white color.
But that's all okay, nothing a few fresh coats of white paint can't fix. I love how the white frames really make the colorful pictures stand out.

Even though you can't see the back of the frames, I like to use a permanent marker and write where we went and the date. In some cases I've even taped on a few extra pictures that didn't make the cut or I'll write down some of the vacation highlights.

Since the right side of the hallway is now full of frames, I had to hang up this new frame on the opposite wall. I know one day we will have this hallway completely full of pictures and this makes me so excited.

What do you do with your vacation pictures? Any other great ideas to be reminded of those fun times?
I'd love to hear if you do anything special with them.

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  1. It looks amazing! Maybe one day I'll get to do something like that in my future home.

  2. I love this! I've been wanting to do something different in our hallway and this is perfect. Thanks for the awesome idea! :-)


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