I wasn't quite sure what to name this blog post, but I do think that this new little display that I put together definitely has a kinda garden-summer- lake vibe to it so that's what I'm going with :)

These shelves that are in our open living-dining area are always a fun place for me to rearrange and display my ever changing home decor.

I never really know what direction I'm going in when I decorate.  I usually just start by removing whatever I'm tired of looking at and then adding in something new or something that I haven't used or seen in awhile.

In this case, the something new are these plants in Terracotta pots. All of these pots use to be painted, one was blue and two were white. I had brought the pots into the kitchen sink to give then a light wash before I planted in them, and in each case, the paint just started to peel off.  I figured these pots were wanting to be natural again and so I spend some time getting them all cleaned up. In the end they all have some tiny spots of paint left on them that I think looks really cool. I then re-potted some of my house plants into the pots and placed them on top of my antique wooden bakers rack shelf.

I didn't think I would like them the terracotta color, but somehow they were just the thing to tie this whole look together, picking up the same color in that old wood antique box.

Next I decided to bring in my Grandma Nora's straw hats. I've mention this before and have shared these hats many of times because they are super special to me. My grandma Nora was a farm girl and would wear these straw hats daily. When she passed away the main thing I wanted were her straw hats.
I love adding these hats into my decorating as a little reminder of her.

I also found this picture in a closet and decided to hang it back up. It's a vintage black and white scenic print that I found at a yard sale, and then I had framed it using some checked fabric as a picture mat. Little changes, like artwork or prints can really change the look of a space.

I moved the oars in that use to be in another corner. They tie in nicely with the other lighter wood colors that are going on plus they bring the feeling of summer and lake vibes into this space.

 And I think that's about it, everything else you see was already in here.

I know I say this all of the time, but if you just give an area of your home a little extra attention, cleaning it and moving things around, and you do this often, then it bring good energy to your home. I truly believe in this.

 That's why I like to switch things up so often, because it adds good energy and also because it just always feels fresh and new when I'm done.

 I've been rambling a bit more in this most then usual :) 
Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this new garden-summer-lake display.
Let me know what you think of it.

Have a great day!
Peace & Love,


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  1. Always love seeing what you change....love your style....


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