Yard Sale Finds and where I placed them in our Home - Part 1

Hey Friends! As you know I'm a pretty big fan of yard sales. In fact, our home is decorated in almost all yard sale finds. And so to start seeing yard sale signs pop up over these last few weekend has got me all excited.  My mother in law and I usually go try to catch one or two yard sales every Saturday afternoon.

 Now, if you follow along on Instagram then you may have caught a few of these pictures already, but what I thought would be fun for today, is to show you where I have placed all of my new "junk" around our home. I also plan to write up these blog post every so often to keep you updated on what I find while out yard selling.

So let's get started!
Here is what I picked up on my first yard sale hunt so far this spring:

A wicker basket, a parrot yard decor, a chenille pillow sham, a stack of vintage Hawaiian postcards, a small wooded tray and a metal seashell tray.

The little parrot was 25 cents and I brought it home and placed it in one of my plants. I think it looks so fun hidden in the leaves.

I bought the stack of vintage Hawaiian postcards for 50 cents. One even has some black sand and a seashell attached to it. I love Hawaii so much and think that these postcards that I found are really cool and special.

I've placed the postcards in one of the corner hutches in our dinning room. I may find another place to put them someday, but for now I think it's kinda fun to have them in here on display.

The wicker basket got moved into the bathroom where I've added a bamboo plant inside of it.
I paid a dollar for the basket.

The chenille pillow cover was my favorite score of the day. It was brand new, still in the package for only 3 dollars. I'm head over heals about this sham and found a place for it on the daybed in our office/sunroom.

It's so nice to have this daybed under the window in here. On warm days I like to open up the windows and just lay here and relax.

The small wood and silver trays  were both free and I forgot to take picture of them.  I took the metal seashell tray to my new office job where I use it to hold paperclips :) And the wooded tray now holds hair ties in my bathroom drawer.

Anyway, Moving on, here are all of the goodies that I found on my second weekend yard selling:

Another wicker basket, two floral pillows, a pair of jeans, a cute plate and some nail polish.
The funny part about the nail polish is that I had just gone through all of my nail polish that morning, tossing out a bunch that was old or that I no longer liked, and then here I go buying more :)

I loved the wicker basket as soon as I saw it, but was going to pass on it because I couldn't think of where I would use it in our home.  I actually like to visualize where I'm going to place something before I buy it, otherwise I know I may not ever find a place for it.

But the lady having the yard sale just insisted that I buy it, and now I'm really glad I did because it looks super awesome in our bathroom holding towels and a plant. I have it sitting right next to the other basket I had picked up the weekend before.

The floral pillows were another thing I wasn't so sure about getting, but this time it was my mother in law who insisted that I get them and she was right, they are cute and match my couch perfectly.

I think that they are great pillows for spring.

The new plate also made it into my corner hutch in the dinning room.

I have to smile because  almost everything you see in this next picture has come from yard sales.
I just love to collect things that speak to me and then arrange them around our home.

And there you go, there are all of my yard sale treasures so far this year.
Like  I said, I plan to stop by every so often to share what else I pick up while yard selling.

How about you? Do you love to yard sale too?
That's okay if you don't. I know that it's not for everyone. 
But for me, I love them!

And now I leave you with a few more pictures of the daybed in our office because I took a lot of pictures of it :)  

 Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  You can also come find me on Facebook and  Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Peace and Love,



  1. Love all of your cute treasures and they look great in your beautiful home! I love going to Yard Sales and Estate Sales too and have found a ton of great stuff for our beach house lately! <3

  2. My home is decorated in garage sale as well, although not nearly as clever as yours 😊

  3. My house is decorated in a lot of hand-me-downs, thrift-store finds and yard sale stuff, so I enjoy seeing how others use their "finds" as well....love the post!

  4. My house is decorated in a lot of hand-me-downs, thrift-store finds and yard sale stuff, so I enjoy seeing how others use their "finds" as well....love the post!

  5. My house is decorated in a lot of hand-me-downs, thrift-store finds and yard sale stuff, so I enjoy seeing how others use their "finds" as well....love the post!

  6. I just stumbled across you blog and I absolutely LOVE your style! I really enjoyed reading about your garage/thrift store finds and would love to see more blog posts about what you find and how you style them. Will be following you for sure, Elaine