My favorite new cookbooks; Just Peachy and French Toast

Hey friends! I have something fun to share with you today.  I just received a couple of cookbooks to review from Gibbs Smith Publisher and I am totally in love with these cookbooks and just had to share  more about them with you. 

First things first, I'm a sucker for a cute cookbook and I totally admit that I DO in fact judge a cookbook by its cover! So the fact that both of these cookbooks both had pretty covers caught my eye right off the bat.  I also love to display my cookbooks out in the open in our kitchen and so the cuter the cookbook the better....Please tell me you do this too.

But here's the thing, these cookbooks aren't just adorable on the outside, they are both filled with beautiful mouth watering pictures and simple to follow recipes inside.

Let's start with the first cookbook named, Just Peachy by Belinda Smith-Sullivan.
My husband, Jake is a Huge Peach Lover! I can easily talk him into baking me a peach pie anytime.
So in all honesty, I picked out this cookbook Just for him...but also for my own selfish benefit :)

Jake planted a peach tree in our backyard a few years back and we are expecting to finally see some fruit this summer. I already know that this cookbook is going to come in real handy for him.

This little cookbook is loaded with everything you need to know about peaches. The history of peaches, interesting peach facts, peach varietals and best uses, canning and freezing, and of course, lots of savory and sweet recipes. 
The author, Belinda Smith-Sullivan's love for peaches really comes across beautifully in this thoughtful book.

A few recipes that I have marked to try out first are the Blackened Cod Tacos with Peach Salsa (pictured above) and the Raspberry-Peach Crumble (pictured below)

There are some yummy beverage recipes as well. This Sparkling Peach-blueberry lemonade sounds refreshing and I'll also be trying some of the peach infused cocktails real soon. Bellini anyone?  :) 

There is such a wonderful variety of peach-inspired recipes in this book to try out, from appetizers, sides, main courses, Pies, desserts, sauces, beverages and more. I hope to have Jake make ALL of them for me one day :)

If you are also a Peach Lover, than I highly recommend this sweet Just Peachy cookbook.
I'll share a link where you can pick up a copy at the end of this post.


Now let's move on to my other favorite new cookbook. This one is called, 
French Toast - stacked, stuffed, baked - 
by Donna Kelly

Who doesn't just absolutely Love french toast?
anyone? anyone? 
I thought so.

I think french toast is probably my favorite breakfast treat of all time.
Is it yours too?

This little cookbook had me seriously drooling all over it. Every one of these recipes looks So outrageously delicious.  What I thought was so fun is that some of these french toast ideas are really clever and unexpected like the french toast pizzas, and the eggs Benedict stacks. Yum!

A few of the recipes that I have marked to try out first in this cookbook are the Orange Sunshine (pictured above).  The first ingredient is, Melted Orange sherbet.......Ummmm Yes Please!

The second recipe that I have marked is the Brie and Apple stuffed (pictured below) Doesn't that look tasty?
I will let you know the second I try it out.

Another one that I'm planning to make soon is the Red, White, and Blueberry Stack. I know my boys will love me forever when I make them a plate of these for breakfast :)

I would also highly recommend this French Toast cookbook to you as well.
Both of these cookbooks are amazing!  They are fun to look through with their large colorful pictures and they will come in handy when you are planning your menu.

You can Pre-Order Just Peachy HERE
And you can Pre-Order French Toast HERE

Please let me know if you do purchase any or these cookbooks and if you end up having a favorite recipe from either of the two.

So now tell me,  do I have you hungry for peaches and french toast too?

Have a wonderful day,


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