How to Make Kokedama

I stopped into our little town library the other day and at the perfect time. The library was teaching a class on making Kokedama. I had never even heard of Kokedama before but as soon as I figured out what the heck it was, I had to make one too!
 In case you don't know what Kokedama is either, let me explain.  Kokedama is an ornamental hanging plant that is covered in soil and moss. Kodedama origins from Japan and is popular in Japanese gardens.

Here is how mine turned out:

Kokedama is super fun and simple to make and so I am excited to show you how.
The first step is to cut two pieces of twine at arm-spread length.

Fold the two pieces of twine in half to find the center. Tie a simple knot at the center point. 
Now place the knot in the center of a small bowl and create a big X with the twine 
(see picture below)

Next, place a dessert-plate size amount of moss over the bowl with the greener side facing in towards the bowl. This moss came from a local floral shop, but you may also be able to find moss as any plant nursery.

Now it's time to add a plant. The library already had plants growing roots in water for us but any small plant with roots should work great.

Using a good amount of soil, you are going to fill the bowl of  moss full.  I suggest adding as much soil as possible.

Now we tie it all up in a ball. Taking the four strands of twine that created your X, crisscross the strands and tie in a tight knot around your plant. Continue to crisscross and knot your strands of twine until you feel like the plant is tightly secured.

Now taking another long stands of twine, you will begin to tightly wrap it around the moss ball. Keep wrapping around tightly until you feel like the plant is secure. Then tie ends in a knot.

The last step is to add a hanger. Here, I tied two doubled  pieces of twine onto the wrapped twine at both of the sides of the ball and then I tied a big knot at the top creating a loop to hang it from.

I was so happy with how my Kokedama turned out. I brought it home and hung it in our kitchen.

To water the Kokedama, just spray it daily with a water bottle or mister.
If ever you forget to spray it and it starts to get dry, you can also soak it in water for a short amount of time.

I think Kokedama is so cool and I plan to make a few more.
How about you?  Do you think you will make one too?

Let me know if you have ever made a Kokedama before or if you plan to. 
They really are simple and fun to make.

If you do follow my instructions and make a Kokedama then I'd love for you to tag The Wicker House in your pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. Love the Kokedama you made and the shelves that it's hang on. We would make some custom carpentry and craft as well when we have the spare time and give to clients as gift. Thanks for sharing.