How to make an Indoor Water garden

Indoor Water Gardens are really fun to create and they can add a tranquil feeling to your home.
I actually have a couple of indoor water gardens around our home and so I thought I would take the time today to share them with you and also share my super simple steps so that you can create an indoor water garden for your own home or office.

To make this first water garden, you will need to start with a large glass round vase.  I purchased this one at a thrift store. Thrift stores are a great source for glass vases.
If you can't find a round vase like this, see if you can find anything similar. It doesn't necessarily have to be glass, nor round, just something big enough that you will be able to play around inside of it.

Next you will need to find a handful of rocks and/or seashells to add to the bottom of the vase.  look outdoors or at the dollar store or at a craft store which are both great places to go for rocks and shells.  Again, you can have fun with other objects too,  marbles, sea glass, glass stones, etc. would also work great. Just make sure that whatever you add is clean and waterproof. 

To be honest, I had to remove a few of my shells because they had turned my water yellow. I think they must have had some sea-grime still in them.

I like to add a fun centerpiece to my water gardens. Here I placed a Hindu goddess figurine to the center. This is the goddess Lakshmi and she offers luck, wealth, wisdom, and beauty so she's great to have in my tranquil water garden.

Pick out whatever figurine speaks to you. You could find something in a garden store, like a gnome, or fairy.  Your could find something meant for a fish tank like a castle or mermaid, or again, the dollar store will usually have some great options. Or just take a look around your home, chances are you have something perfect already. Just make sure it's something that can get wet.

Now you're ready for a plant! You may find some great water-plants at your local nursery or you can do what I do, and cut off some foliage from the houseplants you already have. Do a google search first to learn which plants grow roots in water and where on the plant is best to cut. Also make sure that the stem of the clipping is emerged in the water so that it can start growing roots.

Last step is to add water. I just use regular tap water but you could also use distilled water to help keep it fresher longer.  I then top off the water weekly and change out the water every couple of weeks, usually giving it all a little wash.

This one turned out so pretty and it's really soothing to look at.

I have this little water garden sitting on the coffee table in our living room.
Water next to a burning candle and a large crystal rock all feels very zen adding good energy into our home.

Now let's move on to the second water garden I have created.
For this one I started off with an old fish tank.  I purchased this fish tank at a yard sale for two dollars, but you can almost always find these at thrift stores or on craigslist.

I then added two bamboo plants and another water plant that I've place in a small round fishbowl.

I've had this plant for quite some time and it loves the water.  Its roots are super long and the plant itself is growing strong and healthy.

Next I added in the decorations. I have a few ceramic frogs and mushrooms scattered about. It's all about the little details that make these water gardens so fun.

I added large shells to fill in the empty spaces in the fish tank.

And then I also added in some sticks covered in moss that I found while camping in the mountains one summer. I'm shocked at how long this moss has lasted. Moss is an excellent plant to add around a water garden.  I spray my moss with water occasionally, but really it's able to stay moisturized by being around water.
I guess I should also mention that this water garden is sitting on the counter in our main bathroom. Which is probably another reason why my moss is doing so well.

And here is how it looks all put together.

I think that it's just as mesmerizing to look at than if it were a regular fish tank with fish in it.

This little water fountain next to the tank adds a soothing sound of streaming water and pairs perfectly with my water garden.

So what do you think?
Does this make you want to start a water garden of your own?
You could start small with a little plant in a bowl and then if you have fun with that then you can go big and create a whole tank full of them :)

The possibilities of creating a water garden are endless.
And you'll notice right away at how calming you feel just by looking at them.

Thank you for stopping by today!
Peace & Love,


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