Our Christmas Living Room 2018

This year I am taking my Christmas decorating nice and slow. I'm not in any rush to deck the halls all at once. I'm really enjoying adding and arranging my decorations here and there everyday.  Truly, I think that I have had more fun decorating this year than ever before. In years past I've had deadlines to meet and pressure to try and impress others. But this year it's more about creating a beautiful home for my family and I to enjoy this Christmas season.  

 My plan is to share my Christmas decorating with you room by room rather than all at once.  And so today I wanted to start by sharing our Living room that I think is looking very festive for the holiday.

I really didn't have a plan or a direction when starting out with my Christmas decorating. In fact My tree looked way different from this in the beginning and I just wasn't feeling it.  I asked my husband if he had any suggestions, and he thought I should add a touch of red. And so I did. And as soon as I started added the red I said to myself, "Okay, Now this feels right for Christmas"

And from there I continued to add red all over the room.  I haven't used much red in the last couple of years with my decorating, and so it was such a wonderful change to what I've been use to.

Perhaps my favorite part about this years decorating is my fireplace.  My fireplace recently got a makeover with the wood planks and a pretty new paint color. Catch that makeover HERE. It was fun to have a pretty new backdrop to work with this year.  

I added greenery onto my rattan mirror and think it looks so festive.
I then added a large garland to the mantel and wrapped it in lights. And then I had a little collection of red holly berries and poinsettias that once belong to my husband's grandma and so it was fun to be able to incorporate them into my decorating too.

I'm really happy that I chose to add red to my decorating this year. It really adds to the feeling of Christmas and how I always remember Christmas looking like when I was little. Red just feels so right to me this year.

So what do you think? 
Do you like the red? Or do you prefer a more neutral Christmas?
There is no right or wrong way to do Christmas as long as you and your family love it.

I'll be back to share more areas of our home decorated for Christmas soon.
Until then, I hope you are enjoying the season and having fun decorating your own home.

Peace & Love,



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