Christmas Dining Room & A Mini Tree Table Centerpiece

Hey friends!
Can you believe we're just two weeks away from Christmas?
I know! Me either :)
Today I want to share with you our dining room that I've decorated for Christmas.  

The first thing you may have noticed is that I rearranged the room a bit. I turned our dining table around so you now face it lengthwise whereas the table was running the opposite direction before.  I also moved out our antique dresser to make the room feel more spacious. I just love the way a room feels after you switch a few things around. I didn't make any huge changes but yet the room now feels so new and different. 

The new furniture placement allows my table's centerpiece to now be the centerpiece of the whole room. And for my centerpiece, I really had fun creating a little rustic evergreen scene.

I'm displaying my small collection of mini Christmas trees that I've placed in various galvanized metal buckets.

There's just something about the look of pine trees in metal buckets that makes me so happy.
I think the two go so well together.

Other than the centerpiece I kept the room really simple.

I made the two pillows, that are providing a cozy touch to the room, out of old feed sacks. Because the writing on the sacks are in red and green, I thought they'd be great to use as Christmas decor.

On the butcher block table in the back are some stacked gift boxes, a bamboo plate rack, and a plant (in yet another galvanized bucket). Again keeping the look rather simple to let the centerpiece be the main focus.

I've had this little wooden green truck for a while now and somehow it's become one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I think it's so charming! It reminds me of when my boys were little.

There's also a large elk antler in the mix of trees. It adds to the whole rustic-mountain look. I tend to add lots of layers to my decorating and so this antler was a great starting off point.

I also love to mix rustic elements with a whole lot of white. I think the two balance each other out well. Kinda like Yin/Yang or Masculine/feminine. It always just works.

I was actually pretty surprised at how many little metal buckets I had once I started to pull them all out.

I even have more metal buckets that didn't make it into the room.  Apparently, I just have a thing for metal buckets. :)  You can even spot a few more in my corner hutches.

Whatever brings you Joy, right?

So there you go, our Christmas dining room!
What do you think?

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I'd love for you to see all of my decorating thus far, so please take a look around if you missed anything. I'll be back to share some other areas that I'v also decorated for Christmas soon.
So stick around.

Thanks for stopping by,

Peace, Love & Season's Greetings,



  1. The new look is great and the FEED pillow is fun!


  2. Looks wonderful! I would like to do something like that at my place! I would just add some more decorations. Yes, the whole looks beautiful. I love such interiors :)