Christmas Bedroom and A new Mattress Pad

Hi Friends! Are you enjoying the season? Do you have your homes all decorated for the holidays yet?
We received our first snow fall last weekend and so there has been a lot of excitement running through our home. 
I just love this time of year!

Today I wanted to share our bedroom that I have decorated for Christmas with you, and when I say,  "Decorated" what I basically mean is that I stuck a mini tree in our bedroom and called it good!

But a mini tree does the job, right?  :)
The second thing I wanted to share with you today is my new mattress pad that I received from 

This mattress pad is made from a natural bamboo blend and is so plush and soft and I would highly recommend it to you if you are in the market for a new mattress pad.
Our mattress itself is fairly new and it already has a nice pillow top on it, but I just really love to be super cozy when I sleep, as if  I'm sleeping on a cloud. And this mattress pad does just that.  I also feel like you can never add too many layers of softness to a bed.

Another thing that I so appreciate about this mattress pad is that it fits my mattress. My mattress is super deep and I usually have problems with sheets not being able to cover the whole thing. So It's really nice that this mattress pad can fit over my deep mattress.

Downlite Bedding is offering my blog readers 15% off Everything!! 
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If you are not in need of a mattress pad, they also have pillows, comforters, and other great "hotel quality" bedding.

So then I made up my bed with my flannel snowflake sheets. It's been a little tradition to put these sheets on our bed after the first snowfall. Flannel is just so cozy in the winter time. Don't you agree?

You may have noticed that I did a little rearranging in our bedroom. I brought our bed frame back in from the garage. Before we were just sleeping on the mattress's and I was using that long dresser as a headboard.  
It's actually taking us a little adjustment to get use to the bed being so high :) but change is always welcome.

Another little tree sits on this side table adding just enough of a festive feeling.

I just didn't want to go overboard with the decorations in here.  I like to try to keep our bedroom feeling calm and peaceful so the little trees and snowflake sheets are the perfect amount of Christmas for in here.

Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas and if so, in what ways?
Let me know in a comment below or come chat with me on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Don't forget to go check out Downlite Bedding and take advantage of the discount.

Thank you for stopping by today,

Peace & Love,


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