I painted our front door for the 3rd time!

I've painted our front door for the third time since living in our home and I'm excited to hear what you think of the new color.
The cool thing about painting your front door is that it doesn't take a whole lot of time or paint to do. It's so easy and the results can dramatically change the whole look of your home. This is why I love to paint our front door and why I have painted it 3 times now! I'm also almost certain that I will be painting it again sometime in the future. 
It's just fun to do, especially with all of the many choices of colors out there to pick from.
You can see our previous door paint colors HERE and HERE.
This new color is my new favorite!

I wasn't actually planning on painting our front door, but after painting our fireplace molding, I had some leftover paint and just on a whim, I decided to paint the front door as well.

If you missed my post about our painted fireplace, you can catch up HERE.
I Picked out a color called, "Smokey Eyes" by KILZ paint (found at Walmart) I then proceeded to paint the left side of our fireplace (as seen above) but once I had that color up I wasn't loving how the wood blended in.  So I then mixed the "Smokey Eyes" paint with some very light gray that I had on hand to come up with the new color that is on the right side of the fireplace.

Sorry if that is super confusing! But I did go ahead and use the unmixed "Smokey Eyes" paint on my front door.  I just used a paintbrush and gave our door two coats on both sides of the door.  It was a nice day the day I painted our door so I was able to leave the door open until the paint dried.

I really like how this new color gives our entryway a softer look. Before there was a lot of contrast with the dark blue paint next to the white. And as you may remember me saying when I shared our Bathroom reveal, I'm really loving the look of soft blended colors these days, appose to having a lot of contrast. 

Here is how the new color looks on the exterior of our home.  The paint color always looks lighter on the outside of the door compared to the inside because of how bright it is outside. So if you are interested in this paint color, then these are great examples of how this color looks in different lights.

I think this new door color looks really nice next to the light color of the house.
Don't you think so too?
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Stick around I've been busy decorating our home for Christmas and can't wait to show it to you.

Peace & Love,



  1. Love this color--it works so well with the trim and siding colors too:)

  2. Hi Emily! I think this is my favorite color on your door so far! What color is the exterior of your house? I love it too!