Fireplace Makeover - Rustic Wood Planks on Fireplace

Our fireplace got a makeover and is looking a little different than usual. 
I'm really excited to share more about it with you today!

Okay, so as you know, our fireplace had white planks before.  The story about how the white planks came to be can be read HERE. It's a pretty funny story by the way.  I actually just re-visited that post and had a good laugh.  My Mother-in-law and I sure have a lot of fun together.

Now, I still really like the white planks, I was just in a mood to change things up a bit. And since the back side of the white planks are wood, I've always been curious of how that might look if I flipped them around. So I tested it out by turning over two of the slats and from there I decided to just go for it.

When I removed the planks I was reminded that I once had painted our fireplace green. It was a nice surprise seeing the green, I hardly remember it ever looking this way.

The wood was in pretty rough condition at first. The texture of the wood was super raw and just way more rustic than I wanted it to be. The color of the wood was not great either. Just really patchy.
See what I mean?

So I gave the planks a good sanding with my little hand sander and then I applied a heavy coat of THIS weathered gray stain. I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference that all made.

On the left is the Before and on the Right is the after

I nailed the planks back into place and re-hung my rattan mirror.

The wood really warms up our living room and adds a more cozy rustic feel, which I'm super excited about. I'm already thinking about how it will look at Christmas time with a big pretty wreath hanging on it.

Oh I guess I should also mention that I spray-painted my rattan mirror from green to white. I knew that the white would really pop off of the wood beautifully and I was right.

If I ever get tired of the wood look or miss the white,  I can always just turn the planks back around.  Or I could even re-paint the white side in another color, or re-stain the wood in another finish.  I really like that I have so many options.

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Stormy thanks you for stopping by to see Her living room today!
And so do I :)

Peace & Love,

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