Fireplace Makeover Part 2- I Painted Our Mantle!

I'm back today to share a Part 2 of my Fireplace Makeover!
Unless you follow me on Instagram and/or facebook this post may come to you as a surprise. I just shared in my last blog post how I turned the barn wood on my mantel over, going from white planks to wood planks. But then the second I shared that post, I got to thinking about painting the trim around the fireplace from white to gray.  So that's where we are at today.
What do you think?

This is how the fireplace looked after the first Makeover that I just shared. It was pretty, but I wasn't quite loving the white and wood contrast.

And so I decided to paint the white trim, but as it goes with ALL of my projects, there were some hiccups :)
I first picked up a paint color called, "Smokey Eyes" by Kilz (found at Walmart)
It's the color on the Left in this next picture.  It's a beautiful color but it was washing out the wood too much. So I took that color and mixed it 50/50 with a really light grey that I had on hand and came up with this new color (as seen on the right) that I think is perfect!

I really love how the fireplace is now a statement in the room whereas when it was all-white it just blended in with the rest of the room.

I'm excited to start decorating the fireplace for Christmas.  I think that the wood will add a lot of warmth and rustic charm to our home this season.

As for the extra paint I now have on hand....... I have another idea for that!
Stick around for lots more to come!

Peace & Love,


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