No Flour Banana Bread

What do you do when you have ripe bananas? You make banana bread of course!
And what do you do when you're out of flour?
Well you use oats instead!

That is exactly how this recipe all came about.
It turned out really moist and delicious and so I am excited to share the recipe with you.

I had some bananas that were too ripe to eat on their own and so I asked my 10 year old son if he'd prefer banana bread, banana muffins, or banana cookies, and replied, "banana bread!"

But once I realized that we were all out of flour and I had absolutely No intention of going to the store to buy some, I knew I had to get resourceful and so that's when I figured oats would work just as well, and they did! The bread is a bit on the flat side, but still taste great nonetheless.
Below is the recipe. Let me know if you try the recipe out and what you think about it.

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