My Best Halloween Decorating and Craft Ideas from over the Years.

 I have been blogging for longer than I think most people realize. We're talking over eight years!! That's a long time! But that's totally okay if you didn't know that because I'm not so sure that I want you peeking into my past post. Some of my older post are Real Bad.
I've tried to update some of these old post, but I haven't gotten around to a lot of them yet.
And sadly, some of those old bad post are my most popular post ever!
Yes, Sad but true :)

But Anyway, just for fun, I searched through the vault of my past post and I actually found some really fun Halloween Decorating and Craft ideas that I thought were worth sharing again.
Here take a look!

Bug Bottles:  I spray painted some old glass bottles white and then attached printouts of bugs onto the bottles using a printable sticker paper. See post HERE

Snake Wreath: this snake wreath was extremely easy to make. I purchased six rubber snakes from the dollar store, intertwined them into a grapevine wreath, and then spray painted the whole thing with black spray paint. More about it Here.

Black Roses: Again with the black spray paint, I  spray painted some real red roses to give them a cool goth look.  See How HERE.

Disturbing Feather Wreath: Don't ask me why, but I had a strange collection of bird feathers on hand, and I realized one day that they were really kinda creepy, so I stuck them into a wreath and blogged all about it HERE

Spooky Polaroid Halloween tags: These free printables are MY VERY FAVORITE HALLOWEEN CRAFT THAT I HAVE EVER DONE!!!!!
I still freaking LOVE THEM!! I took pictures while at a red-neck corn maze that my family and I went to, and then I turned the pictures into Polaroid-style tags. See my creative ideas for using the tags HERE.

Mantles and Displays

This Spooky Halloween Mantle is from 2011.  I decorated our mantel using an old window frame, free skeleton clip art, my DIY log candle holders, spider webs, spiders, crows and pumpkins. See more of it HERE.

In 2012 I decorated our mantle, again incorporating the old window. But  this year I had fun displaying a lot of spiders. My Most favorite part about this whole display is the crows on branches inside of Large jars. I've also turned a vase upside down and placed a rubber rat inside....Gosh I use to be so clever ;) See more HERE.

I actually love to come across older pictures of our home and see how much I keep changing everything :) This little display was from 2015. It's simple and cute. View more of it HERE

Scary Halloween Mantel: I still smile when I see pictures of my mantel of 2016.  The stack of books and the nest of spiders, snakes and rats just tells a scary story.  Read the story HERE

Halloween Nook: That same year I decorated the nook in our kitchen. It's fun to decorate rooms that you don't usually decorate for Halloween. See More of this decorated nook HERE.

And then last year - (2017) I mainly focused on our entryway and created a spooky greeting for guest. As you can see, I re-use most of all of our decorations every year.  But each year the display looks totally different. See how I put together this look HERE.

Black, White, and Orange Halloween Decorating : And that brings you up to date to this year, where I had so much fun decorating our living room.  See even more of it HERE

A fun and easy Halloween decorating idea is to slant your pictures on the wall, creating a Haunted-house feel.

Pumpkin Ideas

And Lastly, I wanted to share a few fun and easy ideas that I have done with pumpkins. This first idea is super cute! I just took a paper towel tube, dipped it into some orange craft paint, and used it to create a circle pattern onto a white pumpkin. It turned out so fun! See more HERE

Mummy Pumpkin: My most Popular Halloween project ever is probably this adorable Mummy Pumpkin that I created in just minutes.  I'm guessing my cute entryway has more to do with that than the actual pumpkin itself, right? 
See more of my entryway.....and pumpkin HERE

So Do you have a favorite Halloween decorating or craft idea that I've shared???
I just have so much fun making our home festive for the different seasons and holidays and I hope that when you come here to the blog that you get inspired and want to try out new ideas for your own homes.  

Thanks for stopping by today,

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