Dish Drying Rack Makeover

Have you ever thought to makeover a dish drying rack before? Probably not, right?
Well I was looking at mine the other day and noticed that is was looking rather ugly and I thought that it could really use a little makeover.

The above picture is how it now looks, below is the before.

I purchased THIS bamboo dish drying rack years ago from World Market.  But as you can see it was not looking so great anymore.

So I bought This stain in a pretty dark walnut shade and applied a generous coat to the dish drying rack.  I made sure to wear protective gloves to keep the stain off of my hands, and then I found that a small paintbrush worked really well to get into all of the hard-to-reach areas.

I allowed the stain to dry for 24 hours and then I brought it back into our kitchen.

I know that this sounds really silly to say, but I think that my dish drying rack looks so much more stylish now. It just has a farmhouse-style look to it which gives the rack so much more character than before.

It's amazing what a little stain can do. Am I right?
Do you have an old dish rack lying around? If so, why not give it a little makeover?

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