Country Style Fall Entryway

As you probably already know, Our entryway is one of my favorite spots in our home to decorate for all of the changing seasons. With fall just around the corner, I thought I'd add some subtle fall accents to this area by our front door, giving a warm welcome to friends and family who may drop in.

The fall season Always makes me think of Country Style. I think Country Life and the Fall season just go hand in hand. So I added a horseshoe, a denim shirt, a green lantern, and a stack of woven blankets to bring just a bit of country style into our home.

Once we get closer to Halloween, this area will get re-decorated again for the holiday, but I just wanted to give it a new look and change it up from the beachy look it had going on for the summer months.  I did however leave in the driftwood sticks because I feel that they still work well for fall.

I like that it's not your obvious fall decor, but more of a feeling of fall.

So what do you think?
Does the fall season remind you of the country life too or is it just me?

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  1. Love your entryway for Fall, especially the cool marbled planter! Same happens to me, each year around this time, I wanna move to the country or mountains for a while...

  2. Hi Emily!!

    I want to congratulate you because this post is beautiful and adds beauty to my day.

    I am at the moment I discover your blog and I was amazed.
    Definitely, you make this world better, sharing your vision with this blog.

    Thank you.