Some of my favorite Yard Sale Finds this Summer!

By Now I'm sure you all know that I'm an avid weekend yard sale shopper.  Every Saturday afternoon my Mother-in-Law and I head out on a yard sale adventure.  We have a lot of fun, and I always find a few new treasure for our home. Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite Summer finds with you.  

Now before you start wondering if all of this yard sale shopping has turned me into a bit of a junk collector, then I should inform you that I have had TWO yard sales of my own this summer. And I donated everything that didn't sell to the Goodwill. Also, I keep a donation box tucked away in my laundry room that I add to regularly. Whenever I come across something that I no longer love or use, it goes into the box.

Home decor for me is always ever-changing and yard selling is just my way of keeping our home fresh and interesting. I love to find unique items for our home and I literally buy most of it all with quarters. It's amazing what kind of deals I find.

Here have a look for yourself.

I picked up this old part of a door at a yard sale for $1. I fell in love with the layers of chippy paint and antique door knob.

I'm still unsure what to do with it.  I thought about adding hooks and hanging it on the wall, but the doorknob is on both sides and therefore it won't lay flat. Any other ideas?  For now, I have it leaning up against the wall in our living room next to some painted shutters and a pair of boat paddles that I picked up at a yard sale last year.  I really like the little pop of color that it adds in here.

I blogged about this already, but I think it's worth another mention. Remember this old fish tank? I think I paid $2.00 for it.

I cleaned it up really good and then I turned it into a plant terrarium. See How HERE
It now sits on a shelf in our home office.

Okay you guys, I only paid $5.00 for this stained glass and copper water fountain!!

I love water fountains and now have 3 of them throughout our home.  Perhaps I will do a blog post one day about all of my fountains and how much they have liven up our home.

Here's a quick video to show you how this fountain sounds.

At another yard sale I found this wooden tray. It sits on the counter in our kitchen holding fruits and vegetable.  I'm sure it cost $1.00 but I don't remember now.

Also in our kitchen is this wood fish trivet hanging above the stove top. You may have seen it already when I shared some updates in our Kitchen in THIS post. I just think this fish trivet is really cool. And only .25 cents.  

For this next yard sale find, I don't have any other pictures, but my neighbors were having a yard sale and I bought some blue denim fabric for $1.00, Then I brought it home and covered an ottoman (dog bed) with it that's in our living room. 

Now, I just shared this in my last post. Just last weekend I found two of these bubble-glass pendant lights. I paid $5.00 total for them.

My Mother-in-Law promised she'd help install them if I bought them. So It was a Win-Win!

The lights give our kitchen more of a clean modern look now.  See more HERE.

Now if you follow me on Instagram, I have a saved story that I call, "Thrift and Yard Sales" where I share all of my latest finds.  Here are a couple of those post.  You can also see a few of my other summer yard sale finds pictured below.

- A painted blue wood caddy that I now use for holding cleaning supplies.
- Black and white Correlle dishes that my boys now use daily.
- A paint roller brush which you know I for-sure will be using that sometime soon.
- A candle that I got for free, but then I turned around and sold it at my yard sale because I didn't really like the smell of it after all :)
- And a belt. I think this will look cute used as trim on either a lampshade or a pillow or perhaps somewhere else.

Seriously, How cute is this purse?  I use it every day now and love it.
We also use that cheese slicer a lot, and I'm still waiting to get something planted in that awesome pot.

Anyway, what do you think of my lucky finds?
What cool things have you found yard selling lately? 

Summers not over yet, so I may be back to add to this list. 

If you liked this post, then be sure to check out Last year on-going yard sale blog post.

What I love most about yard selling, is that you just never know what you are going to find.

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  1. I LOVE your bottles that you purchased & turned into lights in the kitchen!!


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