7 Ways I have used Wicker Baskets around our home.

Someone recently made the comment that for being named The Wicker House, I don't have a whole lot of Wicker around our home. And that person is kinda right. You really don't find a whole lot of wicker furniture around our home, but I'll tell you, you will find at least one Wicker baskets of sorts in every room of our home.  I really do love wicker and the beautiful texture it can add to a space.

So what I have come to realize is that I mostly just use wicker for storage.  Wicker is wonderful for that. Today, I want to share seven ways that  I have used Wicker Baskets around our home.

Here in our sun room, I have placed a couple of large suitcase-style wicker picnic baskets under the daybed. One of the baskets holds my ever-growing collection of paint swatches, while the other holds my boy's precious artwork. Not only are these baskets practical for storage, they also give the daybed a little more character. 

In our dining room you can find my small collection of vintage picnic baskets stacked under a butcher block table.   All of these baskets were found either at a thrift store or yard sale. I have painted each of the baskets white to give them a more cohesive look. These baskets here hold items like candles, pinecones, and other small seasonal decor items. 

See my HOW TO PAINT WICKER post to learn tips for painting wicker. 

Another great use for wicker baskets is to use them to hold houseplants.

In our living room I have a couple of larger plants sitting in wicker baskets.  I believe half of the beauty of a plant is the container it is planted in. A wicker basket will make plants look a lot bigger and prettier than if they were left alone in it's plastic pot or a smaller container.

Cute stack-able wicker boxes sit on my bedroom dresser holding some of my jewelry. But aside from the wicker boxes, I also love to use straw bags as storage too.  These two bags are my absolute favorites as I'm sure you've seen them placed around our home in several different photo shoots. Here on my dresser, I have put them to use holding swimsuits and scarves.

Wicker tray baskets work really well as a catch-all on coffee tables. In fact this one here was sitting on our coffee table at one time, but then I decided to fill it up with seashells and place it on the antique wood shelf that is in our dining room.

A handy place for a small wicker basket in a kitchen is right next to the stove.  I filled this one up with the oils and spices that we use everyday.  A little tip of mine is to add a layer of tinfoil to the bottom of the basket to catch any oil spills.

And lastly a wicker basket is perfect for hiding away extra toilet paper in a bathroom.

There really are so many places to use a wicker basket for storage.  
What are some uses you use wicker baskets for?

Wicker baskets can ALWAYS be found at most home decor or thrift stores. My Wicker baskets have all come from various places, and I always seem to find a storage use for them whenever I bring one home with me.

In case you are in need of some new wicker baskets, I was searching around on line and found some really neat ones that I wanted to show you. 
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  1. Love your home and all the ways you have found to use wicker. Wicker adds so much texture and it looks lovely with the simplicity of your home and decor.
    Love those baskets from Target!

  2. Hi Emily
    Great ideas for using baskets multiple ways. I also LOVE the rattan plate/napkin holder you have on the butcher block island! Any chance it's for sale? Please let me know.


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