Fish Tank Terrarium

The project that I'm going to share with you today is so fun and simple that it just may have you wanting to go searching through yard sales and thrift stores looking for an old fish tank. This could also be a fun project to do with kids.

When I came upon this old fish tank at a yard sale, and for only two dollars, I knew I had to have it!
I had been wanting a fish tank to turn into a plant terrarium for quite some time and I was so happy to find this one.

When I told the gal who was having the yard sale what I had planned for the fish tank, she immediately led me into her home to show me hers.  She had a huge fish tank that she had filled with plants and large vases with beta fish in them.  It was really cool and had me excited to get started on mine.

I brought the fish tank home and cleaned it up good. Next, I gathered up a couple of house plants, some seashells, and a Buddha statue and arranged them just so inside of the tank.

It was really just that simple to do, but just look at how beautiful it turned out

It's just as pretty to look at as it would be if it were filled with fish.

I have the tank sitting on a shelf in our home office.  By the way, if you haven't seen My Zen office makeover yet, please do so.  It really is my favorite room makeover to date.

Even though I'm really happy with how my fish tank terrarium turned out, it has me thinking up other ideas that I could use the fish tank for.

For example, Some other ideas for a fish tank terrarium are:

-Cacti Garden-
Add sand and pebbles to the bottom of the tank and then plant or add pots already planted with cacti and succulents.  

-Water Garden-
For a water garden, fill the tank half way with water and then add in some water lilies and/or other water plants. Or add smaller glass containers with plants that grow in water.

 - Mini Greenhouse -
You could use the fish tank as a greenhouse and place small pots of seeds in it to get an early start on your summer garden. Just make sure that it gets plenty of sunshine.

- Fish Tank -
Or obviously, you could even use the fish tank to hold fish :)
But be creative with it. Perhaps, mix in smaller bowls to hold beta or gold fish along with some plants like the gal from the yard sale did.

You can also have a lot of fun finding and adding in other objects like I did with the shells and Buddha statue.  A few other ideas that come to mind are: rocks, candles, driftwood, moss, air plants, and figurines, 

The possibilities are endless! 
Do you have any other ideas of how to use an old fish tank?
Let me know in a comment below.

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P.S. I found a few things on line that may help to get your own fish tank terrarium started!
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  1. You always have so many great ideas! LOVE your new room makeover!!!!!!

  2. My daughter studies Betta fish and it's actually very cruel to have them in those little bowls and vases. They can't stretch or zoom around. Yours is lovely.Don't add the fish.