Simple and Lighter changes in our Bedroom

I made a few simple changes to our master bedroom and now it has a more calm and cozy mood to it.

The last time I shared our bedroom it looked a lot more colorful.  I had orange curtains hanging in the window and pops of orange throughout the room. Did you happen to catch a look at my Orange and White bedroom? 
The orange was fun and all but color around here is usually a temporary thing. I always go back to a lighter color pallet of whites, neutrals, and soft blues.

Switching out the orange curtains for these $5 white curtains made a world of difference.

I've also brought in a bunch of plants for a pretty spring touch.

You may have noticed that I don't actually have a bed frame. My husband and I have found that we prefer to sleep only on the mattress so that we're closer to the ground.  For some reason it feels more cozy to us.

I've created my own headboard by using a long dresser.  The dresser is turned around so that I can still use it.  I keep all of our extra sheets in those drawers. 

The plants are nice to help clean the air.  I've noticed that our bedroom in particular gets extra dusty, and so these plants should help a bit with that.... We'll probably not the faux fiddle leaf from Balsam Hill, but for sure the others :)

The white down blanket is new.  I got it from Downlite Bedding.
It's made from a polyester microfiber material and it is so incredibly soft. Our bed is a queen size, but I actually use king size blankets and duvets because I like the way the bigger size covers the whole bed.

I originally wanted this lighter blanket for the summer months when our bedroom gets a lot warmer.
But for now we have it under our heavier duvet, and we love it! It's so lightweight that it really doesn't add any extra warmth, and the softness of it feels so nice to snuggle up with at night.

The blanket is Hanes brand so that alone tells you how awesome it is.  Hanes just does comfort right!

Downlite Bedding also carries a lot of other trusted brands such as, Tommy Bahama, Eddie Bauer, Laura Ashley, and Pendleton, Just to name a few.

Right now Downlite Bedding is offering my blog readers a %15 off coupon code to use on any of their bedding.  Just type DYGEN15 at checkout.  

This Papasian chair is really fun to have in our bedroom.  Its become one of my favorite hangout spots in our home.

Here is a full look at the room. It's a pretty large room that's why I think we can get away with having our bed more towards the center of the room and not right up against the wall. We have an air conditioning unit behind the bed, so this just works out for us.

Another thing in the room that I get a ton of questions about is this antique clothing carousal rack. 
Isn't it the coolest? I love it. If you are interested, Here is something similar.
And just an FYI: up in my main menu bar is a "Shop Our Home" tab where I try to list items from around our home there. And if not the exact thing, then something similar to it.

Oh, and I just realized I haven't mentioned the rug yet.  That came from Home Goods a year ago, along with the fringe pillow on the bed.

Do you have any questions or comments about the simple and lighter changes I made to our bedroom? If so, Please leave them below or come find The Wicker House on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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